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કિર્તિ મંદિર, પોરબંદર The whole the architecture of the Kirti Mandir was done by Shri Prushottambhai Mistry, a resident of Porbandar. He completed construction within two years of time limit by working for days and night himself.
રેડક્લિફ રેખા "Two days later, the CHTPA resolved not to abide by the award and hoisted the Indian flag. The Pakistani army dealt with the protest but the problem has not yet been solved."
રેડક્લિફ રેખા To avoid disputes and delays, the division was done in secret. The final Awards were ready on 9 August and the 12 August, but not published until two days after the partition.
રોમાનિયા [[ક્રિસ્ટિ પુઈઉ]] દ્વારા દિગ્દર્શિત "[[શ્રી. લાઝારેસ્કુનું મૃત્યુ|ધી ડેથ ઓફ મિ. લાઝારેસ્કુ]]" ((The Death of Mr. Lazarescu), ([[2005 કેન્સ ફિલ્મ મહોત્સવ|કેન્સ 2005]] [[પ્રિક્સ અન કર્ટેઈન રીગાર્ડ|પ્રિક્સ અન સર્ટેઈન રીગાર્ડ]]((Prix un certain regard)-વિજેતા), અને [[ક્રિસ્ટિઅન મુંગિઉ]] દિગ્દર્શિત "[[4 મહિના, 3 અઠવાડિયા અને 2 દિવસ(4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days)|4 મંથ્સ, 3 વીક્સ એન્ડ 2 ડેઝ]]" (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days), ([[2007 કેન્સ ફિલ્મ મહોત્સવ|કેન્સ 2007]] "[[પાલ્મે ડીઓર]]" (Palme d'Or) વિજેતા) જેવી ફિલ્મો દ્વારા રોમાનિયન સિનેમાએ તાજેતરમાં વિશ્વના ફલક પર પોતાની નોંધ લેવડાવી છે. પાછળની ફિલ્મ"[[વેરાયટી(સામયિક)|વેરાઈટી]]" ના જણાવ્યા અનુસાર "ફિલ્મ જગતમાં રોમાનિયાની વધુ નવી શક્તિઓનો પુરાવો છે."
સુએઝ નહેર According to Herodotus, Darius's canal was wide enough that two triremes could pass each other with oars extended, and required four days to traverse. Darius commemorated his achievement with a number of granite stelae that he set up on the Nile bank, including one near Kabret, and a further one a few miles north of Suez. The Darius Inscriptions read:
રેડક્લિફ રેખા Last of all, were the communities without any representation. The Bengal Border Commission representatives were chiefly concerned with the question of who would get Calcutta. The Buddhist tribes in the Chittigong Hill Tracts in Bengal had no official representation and were left totally without information to prepare for their situation until two days after the partition.
સૂર્ય અતિ ઉચ્ચ તાપમાન ના કારણે સૂર્ય ના બધા જ દ્રવ્યો પ્લાઝ્મા ના સ્વરૂપ માં હોય છે.This makes it possible for the Sun to rotate faster at its equator (about 25 days) than it does at higher latitudes (28 days near its poles). The differential rotation of the Sun's latitudes causes its magnetic field lines to become twisted together over time, causing magnetic field loops to erupt from the Sun's surface and trigger the formation of the Sun's dramatic sunspots and solar prominences. (See magnetic reconnection) The solar activity cycle includes old magnetic fields being stripped off the Sun's surface starting from one pole and ending at the other. The magnetic field of the sun reverses once for each 11-year sunspot cycle.
રેડક્લિફ રેખા After arriving in India on 8 July, Radcliffe was given just 5 weeks to decide on a border. He soon met with his college alumnus Mountbatten and travelled to Lahore and Calcutta to meet with commission members, chiefly Nehru from the Congress and Jinnah, president of the Muslim League. He objected to the short time frame, but all parties were insistent that the line be finished by 15 August British withdrawal from India. Mountbatten had accepted the post as Viceroy on the condition of an early deadline. The decision was completed just a couple days before the withdrawal, but due to political manoeuvring, not published until 17 August, two days after the grant of independence to India and Pakistan.
ઈડલી A variety of nontraditional idlis exist these days, namely, standard idli, mini idlis soaked in sambar, rava idli, Kancheepuram idli, stuffed idli with a filling of potato, beans, carrot and masala, ragi idli, pudi idli with the sprinkling of chutney pudi that covers the bite-sized pieces of idlis, malli idli shallow-fried with coriander and curry leaves, and curd idli dipped in masala curds.
રેડક્લિફ રેખા Another disputed decision made by Radcliffe was division of Malda district of Bengal, the district overall had a slight Muslim majority, but was divided and most of it including Malda town went to India. The district remained under East Pakistan administration for 3–4 days after 15 August, 1947.It was only when the award was made public, the Pakistan flag was replaced by the Indian one in Malda.