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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for asserted

Article Example
સ્યાદવાદ 3. May be it is undescribable is a false (F) proposition for not affirmed existence or non-existence asserted as undescribable: (0 0 1) or [N-A-U+].
સ્યાદવાદ 2. May be it exists is a true (T) proposition for affirmed existence (A+) supported by not affirmed non-existence and is not asserted as undescribable: (0 1 0) or [N-A+U-].
સ્યાદવાદ 4. May be it exists asserted as undescribable is a doubtful (D) proposition for not affirmed nonexistence and affirmed existence yet undescribable: (0 1 1) or [N-A+U+].
સ્યાદવાદ No assertion is entire of itself. Cognized awareness of an object rooted in independent reality is a basis of its descriptions. Such descriptions permit shared reasoning and feed back supported by additional assertions about criteria-based attributes, relations, and action and behavior consequences (anekant) as illustrated in a parable in which six blind men encounter a beast (elephant) that they know little about. Conundrum breaks out as each man interacts with a different part of it and sees (infers) the whole differently. Confusion with asserted facets of reality is a common experience not only for cognition in individuals but also for the convergence to a mutually agreed version of the object as a named entity. Imagine the stages through which conceptions of objects like sun, bacteria, air, or even a chair have evolved before convergence to their current conceptions that continue to evolve.
સ્યાદવાદ Sets of independently affirmed assertions not provide increasingly fine grained propositions, and resulting inferences are antidote for reasoning against paradoxes and fallacies. Circular reasoning with self-referential propositions invariably lead to a null of neither is nor is not (X) that is like the emperor’s clothes without a cognitive basis for the asserted content in the context of the emperor’s body. Descriptions of miracles, dreams, and hallucinations also lack cognizable content and context. So does if God did not create the world then who did where neither the actor nor the action is independently established. Certitude of ad hoc that contradicts facts of its own reality does not affirm any form of tangibility no matter how expedient, believable, useful, purposeful and meaningful they appear. As for the role of faith in people’s behaviors, about two thirds of the inmates in maximum security prisons in U. S. A. claim to be religious Christians, and the same in the total American population.
સ્યાદવાદ A distinguishing feature of the saptbhangi syllogism with equivocating orthogonal assertion is that it considers validity of evidence to affirm an assertion separately from the validity of the logical inference from the relations between the assertions in a proposition. For example in the binary proposition A+N- affirmed existence is supported by independent not affirmed non-existence. Three relations are apparent if the proposition read as combined assertion of "existence AND NOT non-existence". Assertion A+ is logically related to N- with the connectives AND & NOT. Thus as a valid proposition A+N- asserted A+ and also the implied N-. It makes it a logically consistent with the proposition A+ NAND N+. In the binary logic NAND is abbreviation for NOT-AND that corresponds to not both. Other binary connectives are derived from NAND. In effect, two different kinds of negations implicit in NAND are distinguished as non- and NOT for the validation by evidence from the validation by logical connectives in a sapthbhangi proposition.