Top 10 palabras similares o sinónimos de plaques

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Top 30 palabras análogas o sinónimos de plaques

Article Example
Sitio Conte Associated with the central individuals were a large number of grave goods, including: a large number of repoussé and plain gold plaques, ear rods, bells, greaves and beads. Also included were a number of stone projectile points and celts. The most famous of the goods associated with these individuals is the cast gold composite effigy aminal pendant with an emerald embedded in its back. This was found lying bottom up atop the gold plaques that covered the two central individuals.
Jean Baptiste Louis Gros En 1850 viajó a Atenas, donde realizó daguerrotipos de la Acrópolis y escribió un libro sobre sus experiencias fotográficas titulado "Quelques notes sur la photographie sur plaques métalliques" ("Algunas notas sobre la fotografía en placas metálicas"). Un año después fue nombrado presidente de la Sociedad Heliográfica y al desaparecer ésta fue miembro fundador de la Sociedad Francesa de Fotografía.
Esclerosis múltiple Basándose en esto, Jean-Martin Charcot (1825-1893), un neurólogo francés, resumió los datos anteriores y realizó importantes contribuciones con las observaciones clínicas y patológicas propias. Reconoció la esclerosis múltiple (a la que denominó "sclérose en plaques disséminées" como una enfermedad distinta y separada).
Robert Lepage En 1984, su primera obra teatral, "Circulations" (Circulaciones), hizo una gira por Canadá y ganó el premio de Mejor Producción Canadiense en la Quinzaine Internationale de Théâtre de Québec. El próximo año, con la obra "The Dragon’s Trilogy" (La Trilogía de los dragones), consiguió reputación internacional. A continuación creó las obras "Vinci" (1986), Le Polygraphe (El Polígrafo) (1987-1990) y "Les Plaques tectoniques" (Las Placas tectónicas) (1988-1990). En 1988 formó su propia empresa de gestión profesional, Robert Lepage Inc. (RLI).
Sitio Conte Some of the grave goods that are associated with the primary interment include gold or tumbaga plaques, cuffs, greaves, beads, carved whale teeth and manatee ribs, stingray spines and an emerald. Of the 126 ceramic pieces found in Grave 26, a majority of them lined the walls of the grave. These included thirty-six effigy vessels and ninety polychrome plates. The other occupants had a few grave goods, including several gold ear rods, which were associated with Skeleton 8.
Sitio Conte As Mason and his team were digging, they uncovered eight skeletons, all of which were lying face down and parallel to one another. Six of these skeletons were identified as old or mature males, while the other two were unsexed. Among their grave goods were ceramics, stone projectile points, celts, and a winged agate pendant. Skeleton 4 had a cache of stone points at its feet, a cache of gold beads and five repoussé gold plaques, which lay atop the individual. Intact vessels and ceramic sherds lined the north and south ends of the burial, which continued down into the second level.
Scarborough (Ontario) According to the list of largest shopping malls in Canada, the Scarborough Town Centre is the tenth largest in the country and the fourth largest in the GTA. It is located next to the Scarborough Civic Centre, Albert Campbell Square, and Consilium Place. This area was developed as a city centre under the old City of Scarborough government. The "Scarborough Walk of Fame" is also located in the Town Centre, consisting of plaques embedded in the floor to honour notable residents, past and current. The inaugural inductees included National Basketball Association player Jamaal Magloire, Olympic gold medalist Vicky Sunohara, and eight prominent residents who contributed to advances in medicine, arts, and the community.