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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for used

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Article Example
John Coltrane 1954: Kun Johnny Hodges: Used To Be Duke - Verve
Ĥalabĝo Retired Army War College prof. and CIA analyst Stephen Pelletiere disputing the accusation that Iraq has used chemical weapons against its citizens.
Sunswift La pli fruan rekordon atingis GM Sunraycer kun maks. rapido de 78.39km/h. Sunswift IVy used uzis nur 1.200 kW por atingi la rekordon, dum Sunraycer 1500 kW. Sunswift IVy pezis nur 140 kg sen akumulatoro.
Krea Komunaĵo "(… we have discussed this internally over the past years and the conclusion was that we don't translate national CC licenses into any other language except the languages, which are officially spoken in that respective jurisdiction. The "unported" license was drafted to be used by creators and authors to whose jurisdiction CC has not been able to port the licenses and it is based on the language of international treaties - and therefore we used English as the official language for that. From a CC perspective it will not be helpful but rather confusing to literally translate the “unported” license into other languages.)"
Eŭropa Buroo por malpli uzataj lingvoj Eŭropa buroo por malpli uzataj lingvoj (EBMUL) (angle: European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages (EBLUL), france: Bureau européen des langues les moins répandues (BELMR)) estis sendependa neŝtata organizo financata de la Eŭropa Komisiono kiu celis konservi kaj antaŭenigi malpli uzatajn aŭtoktonajn lingvojn de la Eŭropa Unio.
Dreaming of You Dreaming of You (1995) estis la kvina solkantita muzika albumo de Selena. Totale, ĝi vendis 3 500 000 kopiojn en la tuta mondo kaj la plej konataj kantoj de la albumo estas "Dreaming of You", "I Could Fall in Love" kaj "I'm Getting Used To You".
Nullarĝa spaceto Simbolo por la uzado de klavaroj kaj en priskriboj estas normigita en Amendo 1 (2012) al ISO/IEC 9995-7:2009 "„Information technology – Keyboard layouts for text and office systems – Symbols used to represent functions“", kiel simbolo 87, kaj krome en IEC 60417 "„Graphical Symbols for use on Equipment“", kiel simbolo IEC 60417-6177-10.
Weltlang Braendle, F.: "World-English, a new world language: Veltlang, with English words and English grammar, subject to the limitations of the phonetic writing of Veltlang, together with a simple phonetic world-alphabet Seuastikon, modeled after the most primeval characters of writing ever used by the human race." Washington: 1910. (12 p.)
Frazo (muziko) "The New Grove:" „A term adopted from linguistic syntax and used for short musical units of various lengths; a phrase is generally regarded as longer than a motif but shorter than a period.“ "(„Nocio transprenita el la lingvistiko kaj uzata por mallongaj muzikaj unuoj de varia longeco: Frazo estas kutime pli longa ol motivo, sed pli mallonga ol periodo.“)"
Napoleono Bonaparte In 1955, the diaries of Napoleon's valet, Louis Marchand, were published. His description of Napoleon in the months before his death led Sten Forshufvud in a 1961 paper in "Nature" to put forward other causes for his death, including deliberate arsenic poisoning. Arsenic was used as a poison during the era because it was undetectable when administered over a long period. Forshufvud, in a 1978 book with Ben Weider, noted that Napoleon's body was found to be well preserved when moved in 1840. Arsenic is a strong preservative, and therefore this supported the poisoning hypothesis. Forshufvud and Weider observed that Napoleon had attempted to quench abnormal thirst by drinking large amounts of orgeat syrup that contained cyanide compounds in the almonds used for flavouring.