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Dave Cameron (baseball analyst) Cameron is the managing editor of FanGraphs, and, along with Derek Zumsteg, a founding member of a Seattle Mariner's blog: U.S.S. Mariner He also writes for ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, and previously wrote for Baseball Prospectus.
Marella Agnelli Agnelli, who was educated in Paris, was an assistant to Erwin Blumenfeld in New York City early in her varied career, as well as an occasional editor and photographic contributor to Vogue. In 1973, she created a textile line for Abraham-Zumsteg, for which she was awarded the Resources Council's Roscoe (the design trade's equivalent of the Oscar) in 1977.
A Matter of Time (novel) The three Zumstegs find themselves in 1866, inhabiting the bodies of peasants in the then obscure village of Lidice; few people show an interest in the doings of these peasants while the great Battle of Königgrätz is fought some kilometers away. Knowing that Neulist might eventually appear in the past, the Zumstegs take the name of Groloch. In possession of advanced medical knowledge which can extend human lifespan to two hundred years and more, they decide to take the slow road back to their own time. Two of them cross the Atlantic and hole up in America, patiently waiting for the 21st Century and for their beloved State to arise – Marda Zumsteg/Fiala Groloch in St. Louis, and her uncle Stephan, as Fian Groloch, in Rochester. The third, Otho Zumsteg/Fial Groloch, remains in Bohemia, taking up residence in the village of Lidice.
Brain Salad Surgery Since cover art for the impending album was required, Manticore manager Peter Zumsteg introduced Emerson to a popular artist, Hans Ruedi Giger, who was living in Zurich. In April 1973, as a part of their European tour, the group played a two-day concert there. After the concert, Emerson with Zumsteg visited the artist at his home. At that time, the working title for the album was Medius' expression "Whip Some Skull on Ya", which is translated as fellatio. Coincidentally, under the impact of the music, including Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Giger had just created a human skull-based triptych entitled "Work 216: Landscape XIX". When he revealed the triptych to his guests, Emerson immediately felt that it was completely appropriate for the album cover art.
A Matter of Time (novel) Michael Cash is destined to be one of the major figures of human history, as influential in the second half of the 20th Century as Hitler was in its first half. When the Chinese and Russians embark on an all-out confrontation and smash each other up, Michael Cash would escape to Prague and – along with his Czech beloved, Ilse Zumsteg – would forge a new power hub centered on the Czech capital, becoming a world dictator of unprecedented power.
Les Sauterelles Toni Vescoli started his solo career, until he learned from Düde Dürst, that one last concert is organized by Peter Zumsteg, the founder of the concert agency "Good News", and Les Sauterelles (preferably in the formation of the end of 1965) "have to participate". Toni, Düde, Bruno and Enzo as Les Sauterelles are again at the "Volkshaus Zürich" a great success, followed by four more concerts, but now Düde preferred his "Crocodiles", and Toni was promoting his first solo album "information". Teddy Meier, her then-discoverer, brings the band for a re-recording of "Hong Kong" to the studio, but "Hongkong73" is unsuccessful, except a few television appearances.
Kurt Maloo He continued to play solo concerts until he met Felix Haug, later the other half of Double. Haug used to play drums with the Swiss techno band Yello. He joined Maloo and, with the addition of a bass player, they formed the trio, Ping Pong. With the help of publisher Peter Zumsteg, they got the chance to record four songs at the Roxy Music studio with guitarist Phil Manzanera as producer, but the tracks never got released. When they signed with Teldec's label Big Mouth, they re-recorded the tracks together with new material for their album "From Exile" (1982). The band played in numerous European festivals, including the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival.
Dave Cameron (baseball analyst) In 1999 he began writing for Baseball Prospectus then, three years later, in 2002 he created U.S.S. Mariner with Derek Zumsteg and Jason Barker. The website was named after "the U.S.S. Mariner," a ship in the US Navy that would "fire its cannon after Mariner home runs and wins back in the 1980s". In 2008 he also activity for a while as ESPN commentator. In March 2009 Cameron began writing for the Wall Street Journal then in April of the following year, Cameron became the full-time managing editor and operator of FanGraphs.
Kurt Maloo In 1979, Kurt Maloo released his first 7" single, "Giant Lady/Kontiki" on the new wave label, Forum Records. A year later, he teamed up with publisher Peter Zumsteg and released a hybrid format vinyl record with the title "Luna, Luna + 7 Notorious Maloo Homeworks". On the A-side was one song spinning at 45 rpm and on the B-side, seven more at 33 rpm. The A-side song was a studio recording, while the B-side was recorded at home on his Revox B-77, using the ping-pong technique to simulate multitrack recording.
A Matter of Time (novel) In a dystopian 2058, the world is in the grip of a totalitarian State in which Czechs are the top dogs, and the center of power is the fearsome headquarters of the Agency for State Security at Prague. The State's virtually invincible weapon is the Tachyon Displacement Data Transfer System by which the Agency can send messages into the past, warn itself of coming threats and take action to eliminate them. The system is tended by the brilliant Zumsteg brothers, Otho and Stephan, who are honest in their way and completely devoted to the State. But the psychotic Colonel Neulist, consumed with jealousy of the Zumstegs and angry because Otho's daughter Marda rejected his advances, bursts into the chamber and starts wildly shooting – causing the Tachyon system to explode. Everybody's physical bodies are destroyed, but the personalities of both the Zumstegs and their foe