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pruszak    0.872791

machleidt    0.870784

scharfmann    0.870002

padera    0.868105

fritschy    0.857225

postovit    0.853842

fiebeler    0.853030

laissue    0.852973

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walicke    0.851980

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Functional specialization (brain) Future developments for modular theories of neuropsychology may lie in "modular psychiatry". The concept is that a modular understanding of the brain and advanced neuro-imaging techniques will allow for a more empirical diagnosis of mental and emotional disorders. There has been some work done towards this extension of the modularity theory with regards to the physical neurological differences in subjects with depression and schizophrenia, for example. Zielasek and Gaeble have set out a list of requirements in the field of neuropsychology in order to move towards neuropsychiatry: