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Article Example
Zhu Houren During the Star Awards 2010, Zhu won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role as "Sgt. Leong", an old man who suffers from senile dementia for the drama Reunion Dinner.
Zhu Houren In 2003, he made his directorial debut in the telefilm After School, while taking on a role in the same film.
Zhu Houren In his spare time, Zhu loves to sing oldies. "Everyday" by Buddy Holly is his personal favorite.
Zhu Houren Zhu Houren () is a Singaporean MediaCorp actor, most notable for his role in Wok of Life.
The Truth (2008 TV series) Su Zhenyuan (Zhu Houren) is the president of a conglomerate and he finally receives the will and a priceless treasure map his father Su Jincai left behind 20 years ago.