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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for zhivoy

Article Example
Vera Kholodnaya Her latest movies were "Krasnaya zarya" (1918), "Zhivoy trup" (1918), "Posledneiye tango" (1918).
Alive (2006 film) Alive (, "Zhivoy") is a 2006 Russian film directed by Aleksandr Veledinsky.
Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part I The Russian band, Arktida, covered the song "I'm Alive" in a single they titled, "Я живой", Romanized as "Ya zhivoy".
Grigory Leps In 2007, he released two compilations. "I'm Alive" (Ya zhivoy, videoclips), and "All My Life - a Road" (Vsya moya zhizn - doroga, best songs).
Andrey Smolyakov Andrey Igorevich Smolyakov (, born 24 November 1958) is a Russian actor and director. He is known for Vysotskiy. Spasibo, chto zhivoy (2011), Stalingrad (2013 film), and Forbidden Empire.
LiveJournal LiveJournal / LJ or Zhivoy Zhurnal ()/ZheZhe () in Russia, is a social networking service based in San Francisco, California, where Internet users can keep a blog, journal or diary. A wide variety of political pundits also use the service for political commentary, particularly in Russia, where it partners with the online newspaper As with many other social networks, a wide variety of public figures use the network.
Boris Mozhayev Boris Andreyevich Mozhayev (Борис Андреевич Можаев, June 1, 1923, Pitelino village, Ryazanskaya Oblast, USSR, - March 2, 1996, Moscow, Russian Federation) was a Soviet Russian author, dramatist, script-writer and editor, the USSR State Prize (1989) laureate, best known for his novel "Zhivoy" (Alive, 1966) and the two-part epic "Peasant Men and Women" (Muzhiki i babyi, 1972-1980). Supported by Alexander Tvardovsky and admired by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Mozhayev experienced serious difficulties with publishing his harshly realistic, tinged with bitter humour Village prose, dealing with trials and tribulations of the Soviet peasantry in the years of collectivisation and beyond.
Johnny Hines Born in Golden, Colorado on June 25, 1895, he was the brother to film director Charles Hines, and to Samuel E. Hines, who was a bit-part actor during the early years of sound film. In the early 1910s, Hines would attend the City College of New York (CCNY), although it is unclear whether he obtained his degree. Hines would make his film debut in 1914, when he appeared in several shorts and three films. His film debut would be in a featured role in "The Man of the Hour", which stars Robert Warwick. During the remaining years of silent pictures, he would appear in almost 50 films, many of them in starring roles. His first starring role was in 1915's "The Cub", directed by Maurice Tourneur Some of his more notable films include: "Little Johnny Jones", the first film version of the George M. Cohan musical of the same name, in which he had the title role, and the film version of Leo Tolstoy's "Zhivoy trup" (The Living Corpse), entitled "The Weakness of Man".