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Article Example
Li Zhimin Li Zhimin (李志民 or 李凤瑞 or 李明阶; pinyin:"Lǐ Zhìmín or Lǐ Fèngruì or Lǐ Míngjiē"; July 9, 1906 – November 16, 1987), was a general of the People's Liberation Army from Liuyang, Hunan. Li was the former political commissar and director for the Political Department of the Chinese People's Volunteers. Li was an outstanding political leader in the PLA.
Li Zhimin On October 1934, Li participated in the Long March. During the conflict in Fushan, Li was credited with the recruitment of 600-700 men and stockpiling of grain and cloth. During spring 1937, Li enrolled into the Chinese Military and Politics University of the Anti-Japanese invasion.
Li Zhimin Li Zhimin was an alternate member of the 8th CCP Central Committee, member of the 10th and 11th Central Committee, representative at the 1st and 4th National People's Congress. He was elected to the CCP's Central Advisory Committee in 1982. On November 11, 1987, Li died in Beijing.
Chen Zhimin During the Cultural Revolution was launched by Mao Zedong, Chen became involved in politics in 1969. In December 1985, Chen joined the Chinese Communist Party.
Sheng Zhimin Sheng's first, and so far only directorial effort was 2006's "Bliss", a family drama set in the central Chinese city of Chongqing.