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Shen Zhihua In the early 1980s, when Shen was a graduate student in world history at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, he was sent to jail and forced to abandon his studies in a politically inspired incident. Shen went into private business, but eventually returned to Beijing, where he set up a private research organization, "Zhongguo Shixuehui Dongfang Lishi Yanjiu Zhongxin" (Center for Oriental History Studies, Chinese Historical Association), in 1993. This organization has been extremely productive, helping to publish more than 80 books and monographs and hosting many conferences and scholarly activities, especially in Soviet history and Sino-Soviet relations. Shen and Li Danhui, his wife, are known for their generosity to Chinese and foreign scholars, and Shen spent his own money to finance research visits to Moscow for research groups to collect photocopies of archival materials. Shen has published more than 60 articles and eight monographs, edited five books, and was the chief editor of pioneering documentary collections on Soviet foreign policy and the Korean War.
Shen Zhihua Andrew Nathan of Columbia University said Shen is "highly regarded" in China for "nuanced histories of key episodes in the Cold War," which form "a solid contribution to the field of Cold War international history" and that his work belongs to "a wave of independent Chinese scholarship that demystifies China’s role in the conflict by showing the country to be a self-interested state like any other."
Zhihua Temple At the temple, a group of musicians regularly performs centuries-old ritual music which has been handed down over 27 generations. The six-member group is led by the octogenarian Buddhist monk Zhang Benxing (张本兴, born c. 1922), the only surviving member of the 26th generation of musicians, and the last person to have learned the music in the traditional manner. In addition to singing voices, the instruments used include "guanzi" (oboe), "dizi" (bamboo flute), "sheng" (mouth organ), "yunluo" (a set of ten small tuned gongs mounted vertically in a frame), and percussion including drums and cymbals.
Hao Zhihua Hao Zhihua appeared in the 1987 video documentary titled This is Kung Fu with fellow Beijing Wushu Team member, Jet Li.
He Zhihua Under the implied authorization of the town councilor, the steamroller crushed over the body of He Zhihua who was killed on the spot.
Zhong Zhihua Zhong is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
Zhong Zhihua In December 2010, he was appointed as Director of Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, rising to Chairman in April 2011.
Zhihua Temple The Zhihua Temple became a nationally preserved cultural and historic relic in 1961. In 2005 the Chinese government undertook a renovation of the temple (which is now complete) in preparation for the numerous international visitors expected at the time of the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Hao Zhihua Hao Zhihua (), also known as Patti Li, is a Chinese wushu practitioner. She started her training at the age of nine at the Beijing Sports Academy under the instruction of Wu Bin, director of the Beijing Institute for Wushu Research and a pioneer of modern wushu in China. For fifteen years she competed in China as a member of the world-renowned Beijing Wushu Team, winning the title of National All-Around Champion three years in a row.
Hao Zhihua In addition to coach Wu Bin, Hao Zhihua trained under coach Li Junfeng and studied Yang-style t'ai chi under master Yang Zhen Duo. She is proficient in long fist, Yang-style and Chen-style t'ai chi, broadsword, straightsword, staff, spear, eagle claw, Baguazhang, snake fist, double hook sword, and double broadsword.