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xiaojun    0.899072

guowei    0.897314

yijun    0.895644

xiaoyan    0.891508

wenjun    0.890941

jianhua    0.886335

wenbin    0.886055

xiaolu    0.883920

xiaohong    0.883902

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Huang Zhihong Huang Zhihong (; born May 7, 1965 in Lanxi, Jinhua, Zhejiang) is a former shot put athlete from China. An Olympic silver medallist and a double world champion, she was in fact the first Asian to win a world championship in athletics. Her personal best throw is 21.52, achieved in Beijing 1990.
Sun Zhihong Sun and his twin brother Sun Zhiwei proved a theorem about what are now known as the Wall–Sun–Sun primes that guided the search for counterexamples to Fermat's last theorem.
Yuan Zhihong As of 692, Yuan was serving as the minister of justice (秋官尚書, "Qiuguan Shangshu"), when Wu Zetian gave him the designation "Tong Fengge Luantai Pingzhangshi" (同鳳閣鸞臺平章事), making him a chancellor "de facto". Seven months later, however, he, along with other chancellors Li Youdao, Wang Xuan, Cui Shenji, Li Yuansu, and other officials Kong Siyuan (孔思元), and Ren Linghui (任令輝), were falsely accused of crimes by Wu Zetian's secret police official Wang Hongyi. They were relieved from their posts and exiled to the Lingnan region. That was the last historical reference to Yuan, and it is not known when he died, although it is known that his grandson Yuan Huan (袁澣) later served as a prefectural prefect.
Xu Zhihong Xu Zhihong (, born 1942) is a botanist and former President of Peking University. He is a former Vice-President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Sun Zhihong Sun Zhihong (, born October 16, 1965) is a Chinese mathematician, working primarily on number theory, combinatorics, and graph theory.