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haibin    0.896171

hongtao    0.888489

jianfeng    0.883460

huiqing    0.882311

guojun    0.880692

wenbin    0.879066

jianping    0.875228

weiguo    0.871920

jianchao    0.871488

yongqing    0.871152

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Article Example
Du Zhiguo Du's first wife, Yang Li (杨丽), is a dancer. Their son Du Chun is also an actor. Du and Yang divorced later. In 2004, Du married his second wife, actress Zhao Na (赵娜).
Li Zhiguo Li Zhiguo (; born October 1956) is a Chinese diplomat and currently the Chinese Ambassador to Libya.
Li Zhiguo He was China's consulate general in Juba in November 2010, and held that office until August 2011.
Li Zhiguo Li was born in Heilongjiang, in October 1956. He graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, majoring in English language.
Li Zhiguo From 1997 to 2001 he was China's consulate general in Dubai.