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Feng Zhengjie His best-known work is his "Portrait of China" series, very large Warhol-style oil portraits, in a red-and-turquoise palette, of Chinese fashion model faces with vacant diverging eyes (his signature style). Critics view his work as a critique of contemporary consumer society. His early paintings were inspired by 1930s Shanghai posters. His more recent work is based on the red and green of traditional Chinese New Year art, the colors made "more acid, a representation of the flashy, commercial nature of modern China".
Feng Zhengjie Although Feng has been quite successful in the international art market these years, his brave usage of bright colors has drawn criticism. In Chinese culture, red, green, and pink colors are usually associated with the superficial and shallow; people also accuse Feng because they think he paints to meet the western taste as well as to make money. Despite all the negative opinions, Feng claims that he never considers making any changes and he will carry on this style to the end. According to him, any art piece that is designed to make an impression cannot be achieved with the idea of contrast.
Feng Zhengjie Feng Zhengjie has been firmly carrying on his style even facing the huge economic crisis during 2008. When he is asked if he will regard the economic crisis as an opportunity to change his painting style, Feng says that he will not change his style to meet any change of other people’s taste. His has been painting for more than two decades and people can tell his style also changes from time to time; however, none of those changes is related to market considerations. He finds his confidence from working hard constantly, and more importantly he enjoys every single change he makes in his paintings. “A little change on the contour of a character’s nose will get me excited, but in the audience’s eyes this little change makes almost no difference at all. They simply cannot comprehend the joyfulness I have experienced during the painting. One can argue that artists are ‘selfish’ to certain extent. It is just like you watch a worker digging a hole on the ground. In your eyes the worker is doing the exactly same thing over and over again, but actually the worker digs to different depth every single time,” Feng explains.
Feng Zhengjie Feng Zhengjie () (born 1968 in Sichuan Province, China) is an artist based in Beijing and Jeju Island of South Korea. Originally a high-school and college art teacher in Sichuan, he came to Beijing in 1995.
Feng Zhengjie Feng worked with Singaporean actor, Qi Yuwu, for the first time, for the inaugural Worlds Apart Fair in 2013.