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Article Example
Zhang Yaodong Zhang Yaodong (, born Teoh Yeow Tong on 17 December 1977) is a Malaysian actor based in Singapore.
Zhang Yaodong Zhang left MediaCorp in mid-2012 as he chose not to renew his contract. His last series is the 2012 anniversary drama "Joys of Life". He planned to further his career in China but did not rule out a possibility of returning to MediaCorp. He signed a new contract with Mediacorp in 2015 and has since starred in "Mind Game" as well as long-running drama "Life - Fear Not".
Zhang Yaodong In the Star Awards 2007, Zhang won the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award, his first award in his acting career and was also nominated for the Best Actor Award, his first ever nomination in the acting category. Zhang won the Top 10 award once again in 2010. In his speech, he thanked veteran artistes and mentors Huang Wenyong, Huang Biren and Chen Hanwei.
Zhang Yaodong Zhang entered the entertainment industry after finishing first runner-up in the Malaysian edition of talent-search contest Star Search in 2001. He was previously a model and had done various commercials in Malaysia before joining MediaCorp. made his small screen debut in the sixth season of popular sitcom, "Don't Worry, Be Happy". After seven years in the industry, Zhang was awarded his first lead role in "Happily Ever After". He has since snared played lead roles in series such as "The Greatest Love of All", "Your Hand in Mine" and several Malaysian co-productions. He has been dubbed by many as the "Chinese Michael Jackson" as he bears a strong resemblance to the late singer.
Gary Yap Gary Yap was schoolmates with fellow Star Search contestant and actor Zhang Yaodong.
Mind Game (2015 TV series) Guo Yongyan (Zhang Yaodong), a psychologist, met Zhao Anni (Joanne Peh) and helped each other in cases. Together, four of them remain successful in solving cases until they realize a traitor among four of them...
C.L.I.F. 4 New characters include Chen Yu (Zhang Yaodong), Wang Shishi (Ya Hui), Cai Yanqi (Mei Xin), Zhou Jingze (Yusuke Fukuchi) and Zhao Xuewei (Chen Tianwen). Out of the 5 new characters, 4 of them are among the 8 main characters of this series.
The Vagrant The Vagrant () is a 2002 Chinese drama. It was produced by Mediacorp, a television station in Singapore. The cast includes veteran actors Li Nanxing, Huang Biren and Huang Yiliang as well as new artistes Zhang Yaodong, Le Yao and Zzen Zhang. "The Vagrant" was the second highest rated drama serial in 2002, after Beautiful Connection which coincidentally also starred Huang Bi Ren.
Eat Already? 2 Eat Already? 2 () is a Singaporean dialect drama series which is telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, Mediacorp Channel 8, starring Marcus Chin, Aileen Tan, Liu Lingling, Lee Bao'en, Chen Shucheng, Hong Huifang, Ian Fang, Zhang Yaodong and Ye Shipin. This would be the second dialect drama to be produced on Channel 8 after a 30-year hiatus.
Shaun Chen Chen married his girlfriend of 6 years, fellow MediaCorp artiste Michelle Chia in May 2009. Their wedding was televised live on MediaCorp Channel 8 and hosted by colleagues Guo Liang, Lee Teng and Pornsak. Fellow locally based Malaysian actors and good friends Zzen Zhang and Zhang Yaodong were his best men.