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mixtecan    0.841373

popolocan    0.833579

totonacan    0.814597

otomanguean    0.807573

zoquean    0.805896

pamean    0.804548

tlapanecan    0.797831

misumalpan    0.792932

cariban    0.791577

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Zapotecan languages The Zapotecan languages are a group of related Oto-Manguean languages which descend from the common proto-Zapotecan language spoken by the Zapotec people during the era of the dominance of Monte Albán.
Zapotecan languages The Zapotecan language group contains the languages of the Zapotec dialect continuum and the Chatino languages.
Zapotec peoples The Zapotecan language group is composed of over 60 variants of Zapotecan, as well as the closely related Chatino language. The major variant is Isthmus Zapotec, which is spoken on the Pacific coastal plain of Southern Oaxaca's Isthmus of Tehuantepec.
Petapa Zapotec Petapa Zapotec "(Zapoteco de Santa María Petapa)" is a Zapotecan language of the isthmus of Mexico.
Lachiguiri Zapotec Lachiguiri Zapotec (Northwestern Tehuantepec Zapotec, "Zapoteco de Santiago Lachiguiri") is a Zapotecan language of the isthmus of Mexico.
Quiavicuzas Zapotec Quiavicuzas Zapotec (Northeastern Yautepec Zapotec, "Zapoteco de San Juan Lachixila") is a Zapotecan language of the isthmus of Mexico.
Guevea Zapotec Guevea Zapotec, or Guevea de Humboldt Zapotec (Northern Isthmus Zapotec), is a Zapotecan language of the isthmus of Mexico.
Chatino people Chatino language is an indigenous Mesoamerican language, which is classified under the Zapotecan branch of the Oto-Manguean language family. The Chatino have close cultural and linguistic ties with the Zapotec peoples, whose Zapotec language is the other member of the Zapotecan languages.
Indigenous people of Oaxaca The majority of people speak languages of the Oto-Manguean family, either the Popolocan-Zapotecan branch or the Amuzgo-Mixtecan branch.
San Juan Lachao Some of the people speak the Chatino language, a remote branch of the Zapotecan family spoken only in the Juquila district.