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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for yuting

Article Example
Sun Yuting In July 1825, Sun Yuting was restored to the civil service as a "bianxiu" (編修; compiler and editor) in the Hanlin Academy under the "xiuzhi" (休致) system for retired officials. In 1834, he was awarded the privilege of wearing the hat of a fourth-grade official. He died in the same year at the age of 82.
Sun Yuting Sun Yuting's family was an elite family of scholar-bureaucrats who served in high-ranking positions in the Qing government for over three generations. Since 1804, they had also been running a family business, Yutang Jiangyuan (玉堂醬園), which is now known as the Jining Yutang Sauce and Pickles Shop Co., Ltd..
Sun Yuting Sun Yuting's father, Sun Kuotu (孫擴圖), obtained a "juren" position in the imperial examination in 1735. He served as the Magistrate (知縣) of Qiantang County (錢塘縣; now part of Hangzhou) and was a friend of the painter Zheng Xie.
Fang Yuting Fang Yuting (; born 21 December 1989) is a Chinese female archer. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she competed for her country in the women's team event.
Sun Yuting Sun Yuting was from Jining, Shandong Province. He sat for the palace-level imperial examination in 1775 and obtained the position of a "tong jinshi chushen" (third class graduate). He was admitted to the Hanlin Academy, where he served as a "shujishi" (庶吉士). In August 1802, he was promoted from "buzhengshi" (布政使; Lieutenant-Governor) of Hubei Province to Provincial Governor of Guangxi Province. On 29 October 1803, he was reassigned to serve as the Provincial Governor of Guangdong Province. Around December 1804, he was transferred back to Guangxi, but was relocated back to Guangdong on 4 July 1805 until 1808.