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Yunfei Yunfei (雲飛) is a Chinese name. Also may refer to:
Qi Yunfei Qi Yunfei (Chinese: 祁云飞; born 5 January 1989 in Hubei, China) is a Chinese footballer who plays for Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard in the China League One.
Li Yunfei ! style="background-color: #ffdead; " colspan=9 align=center | International
Guo Yunfei Guo Yunfei (born June 28, 1991) is a female Chinese Taekwondo practitioner.
Ge Yunfei Ge Yunfei (, 1789–1841) was a Chinese general of the Qing dynasty. He served in the First Opium War and died during the British capture of Chusan.
Ge Yunfei He served for several years as assistant brigade commander in the navy based in Huangyan. In 1839, he was appointed as garrison commander of Zhenhai of Zhejiang. In September 1841, the British army attacked Zhenhai. Ge participated in the defense of Xiaofeng Mountain (晓峰) and Zhushan Gate (竹山门). He led the troop to fight in the rain for several days but the British army eventually seized the Zhushan Gate. Ge and over 200 soldiers continued fighting with swords. After being wounded over 40 times, he died of a major wound through the chest. His corpse was carried to Zhenhai by a villager named Xu Bao in the night.
Gao Yunfei Gao Yunfei (; born 24 July 1992) is a Chinese footballer who currently plays for Hebei China Fortune in the Chinese Super League.
Liu Yunfei Liu Yunfei (Chinese:刘云飞 born May 8, 1979) is a former Chinese international football goalkeeper who played for Tianjin Teda and Shanghai Shenhua. Internationally he played within the 2004 AFC Asian Cup; however, at the height of his career he was disciplined by his club for his recreational drug use before being arrested for possessing illegal drugs, which saw him retire in 2007 at the age of only 27.
Qi Yunfei In January 2012, Qi moved to China League Two club Hubei Huakaier.
Ran Yunfei Although he became a scholarly writer of Chinese classical culture hereafter, he was increasingly active in online writing. He is a prolific writer of social and political commentary. His blog is well known in China and his Twitter account has more than 44,000 followers. Ran was also among those who signed "Charter 08".