Top 10 similar words or synonyms for yuca

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for yuca

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Yuca con mojo Yuca con mojo is a Central American and Caribbean side dish made by marinading yuca root (also known as cassava) in garlic, lime, and olive oil. Often, onions are included in the marinade. Also known as one of Cuba's national dishes.
Pan de yuca Pan de yuca ("Spanish for Cassava bread") is a type of bread made of cassava starch and cheese typical of southern Colombia and the Coast Region of Ecuador.
Pan de yuca An 1856 watercolor by Manuel María Paz shows cassava bread being prepared by members of the Saliva people in Casanare Province.
Tegua people As noted by Pedro Simón, the Tegua had a diet formed by maize, honey, fish, coca and peanuts. They cultivated yuca and made pies of yuca and ants.
Chitaraque Main economical activities of Chitaraque are agriculture (panela production, coffee, bananas and yuca) and milk farming.
Támara, Casanare Main economical activities in Támara are agriculture; coffee, yuca, maize, bananas and sugarcane and livestock farming.
Peruvian cuisine "Yuca chupe" or cassava soup is one of the variations in which the Peruvians enjoy cassava.
Oiba Oiba is an agricultural community that cultivates mainly coffee, sugarcane, maize, yuca and tree tomatoes.
Pasteles "Pasteles de yuca" is one of many recipes in Puerto Rico that are popular around the island and in Latin America. These are also known as "hallacas de yuca" or "tamales" in the Dominican Republic. The masa is mostly "yuca" (cassava) and may contain potato, malanga and yam. The grated yuca and potatoes are squeezed through a cheesecloth. Some liquid from the stew is added to the masa with annatto oil. The filling may be traditional or it may be a stew of currants, shrimp, crab or lobster, and seasoned with basil, sofrito, adobo, and annatto oil.
Cassava-based dishes In the northern coast region of Colombia, cassava is used mainly in the preparation of "sancocho" and other soups. The "pandebono" bread, made of cassava dough, is a specialty of the Valle del Cauca State. In the coastal region, cassava is known especially in the form of "bollo de yuca" and "enyucados". "Bollo de yuca" is a dough made of ground yuca that is wrapped in aluminum foil and then boiled, and is served with butter and cheese. "Enyucado" is a dessert made of ground boiled yuca, anise, sugar, and sometimes guava jam.