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xiaoqi    0.736868

jianping    0.732960

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Ruan Yisan Heritage Foundation The Ruan Yisan Heritage Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization created on June 9, 2006, "to support and promote urban heritage conservation in China. It is a private foundation supervised by the Shanghai Administration Bureau of NGOs and Shanghai Municipal Urban Planning Administration Bureau." Founder Ruan Yisan is a former professor of urban planning at Tongji University of Shanghai and director of the National Research Center for Historic Cities in Shanghai. The Foundation is a member of the International National Trusts Organisation.
Shilha language As a rule, the preposition "n" assimilates to, or fuses with, a following "w", "y", "l" or "m", for example "awal w waɛrabn" "the language of the Arabs", "aḍbib y yisan" "horse-doctor", "luqt unẓar" "the season of rain", "agllid imuslmn" "the king of the Muslims", " asngar m Miṣr" "maize of Egypt".
Hao Mengling Hao Mengling (1892–1937) was a Chinese general who distinguished himself first in the Northern Expedition and then in the Battle of Xinkou. Born on 18 February 1892 into a family of poor farmers, Hao ran away from his apprenticeship at a grocery shop to join the army when he was just a child. After he graduated from Baoding Military Academy, he joined Feng Yuxiang' Guominjun along with his mentor Wei Yisan (魏益三) in 1921. In 1926, he participated in the Northern Expedition as commanding officer of 26th Bde 4th Army, and his outstanding command earned him a promotion to CO of 2nd Division and then 54th Division. After the Central Plains War he was promoted to CO of 9th Army.