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jing_jing    0.846229

lin_meijiao    0.831916

phyllis_quek    0.829036

ching_ching    0.825974

priscelia_chan    0.823313

yingying    0.822355

zheng_geping    0.821529

eelyn_kok    0.819067

cynthia_koh    0.818870

jiaming    0.816845

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Article Example
He Ying Ying YingYing was discovered by Mediacorp Hey Gorgeous, a talent scouting competition during her university days. She made in into finals and even came in 2nd among the many contestants in the competition. Her brilliant and attractive smile managed to catch the attention of the audiences and successful clinched the London Choco Roll Best Smile Award.
Lee Ying Ying Lee Ying Ying (born 25 October 1997) is Malaysian female badminton player.
He Ying Ying Ying Ying was educated at Anderson Junior College and is currently juggling with her acting commitments and studies at the National University of Singapore. She is in her final year of university, under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, taking a degree in communication and new media.
He Ying Ying He Ying Ying (born January 28, 1995), is a Singaporean actress. She was discovered through MediaCorp Channel 8's reality television competition "Hey Gorgeous".and came in Top 3, among the many contestants in the competition.
He Ying Ying In 2016, she started off her acting career, starring as the main cast of toggle original series, Run Rachel Run. She acted in a dialect drama, Eat Already?, despite being a non dialect speaker. From there, she was given supporting roles in various Channel 8 dramas such as Hero & The Lead.