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yafei    0.894336

chunxiu    0.889977

yimiao    0.886210

jianchao    0.882991

yingwen    0.880001

yuelong    0.871161

guowei    0.870939

guanyu    0.868006

yanmei    0.865001

yinghui    0.863909

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Yang Zhifa Of the seven discoverers, only four are still alive: Yang Zhifa, Yang Quanyi, Yang Peiyan and Yang Xinman. Wang Puzhi committed suicide in 1997 while Yang Wenhai and Yang Yanxin died in their 50s of diseases, too poor to afford the medication necessary for their healing.
Yang Zhifa On 23 March 1974, Yang Zhifa, 41 years old, living in Xiyang, a village of the Lintong county 35 kilometers east from the city of Xi'an, decided, in the middle of a draught, to dig a well with his five brothers — Yang Wenhai, Yang Yanxin, Yang Quanyi, Yang Peiyan and Yang Xinam — and Wang Puzhi to water their crops. They chose a small wooded area south of their village; five days later, the well reached 15 metres in depth and, bringing up dirt, Zhifa found a terracotta head and a bronze arrowhead.
Chen Shou Since the end of the Jianwu era (25–56 CE) in the Eastern Han dynasty, writers such as Zheng Boyi (鄭伯邑), Zhao Yanxin (趙彥信), Chen Shenbo (陳申伯), Zhu Yuanling (祝元靈) and Wang Wenbiao (王文表) had co-written the "Bashu Qijiu Zhuan" (巴蜀耆舊傳; "Biographies of Famous People from Bashu"). Chen Shou felt that the "Bashu Qijiu Zhuan" was not comprehensive enough, so he expanded it to the 10-volume "Yibu Qijiu Zhuan" (益部耆舊傳; "Biographies of Famous People from Yi Province"). His work was presented by the official Wen Li (文立) to Emperor Wu, who praised it.
Yunti, Prince Xun In 1709, Yinti was granted the title of a "beizi". In 1718, after Dzungar forces defeated a Qing army along the Salween River in Tibet, the Kangxi Emperor appointed Yinti as "Great General Who Pacifies the Frontier" (撫遠大將軍) to lead an army of 300,000 into Tibet to attack the Dzungars and their leader, Tsewang Rabtan. It was believed that this was a sign that the Kangxi Emperor was considering Yinti as a potential heir to his throne. In February 1720, Yinti ordered his deputies Galbi and Yanxin to set out from Xining to take Lhasa, while he remained in Xining to build up support with their Mongol allies and then escort the Seventh Dalai Lama to Lhasa. On 24 September 1720, Yinti's army captured Lhasa and returned the Dalai Lama to the Potala Palace.