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Yanming Yanming is a given name. Notable people with the name include:
Zhuo Yanming In 945, Li Renda, leading a revolt against then-Min emperor Wang Yanzheng (whose capital was at that point at Jian Prefecture (建州, in modern Nanping, Fujian), not at Fu), killed Wang Yanzheng's nephew Wang Jichang, whom he had left in command at Fu, and Wang Jichang's assistant general Wu Chengyi (吳成義), seizing control of Fu. Li considered formally taking over himself, but believed that the people might not sufficiently be in agreement with him. Instead, knowing that the people respected Timing, he proclaimed, "This monk has multiple pupils, and has arms reaching below his knees. These are signs of a true Son of Heaven." He proclaimed Timing emperor and put imperial robes on him — yet simultaneously, having the regime use the era name of Later Jin and sending emissaries to Later Jin to pledge loyalty.
Han Yanming Han Yanming would make his international debut in a friendly against Jordan on December 12, 2009 when he came on as a substitute for Shao Jiayi in a 2-2 draw.
Yan Yanming After trial, Yanming was sentenced to death and executed on January 18, 2005 in Pingdingshan.
Zhuo Yanming It is not known when Zhuo Yanming, who was born with the name of Zhuo Yansi, was born, but it is known that he was from Putian (莆田, in modern Putian, Fujian). At some point, he took tonsure and became a Buddhist monk with the dharma name of Timing — at either Shenguang Temple (神光寺) (per the "Spring and Autumn Annals of the Ten Kingdoms") or Xuefeng Temple (雪峰寺) (per the "Zizhi Tongjian"), near the Min traditional capital Fu Prefecture. While being a monk, he became respected by the populace.
Zhuo Yanming Wang Yanzheng immediately launched an army commanded by the general Zhang Hanzhen (張漢真) against Zhuo's regime, along with supplements from Zhang (漳州, in modern Zhangzhou, Fujian) and Quan (泉州, in modern Quanzhou, Fujian) Prefectures, which were loyal to him. It was said that Zhuo had no strategies to speak of other than trying to employ magic within the palace. Zhang Hanzhen, however, was defeated by Zhuo's general Huang Renfeng (黃仁諷), captured, and executed.
Han Yanming Han Yanming began his professional footballer career during the 2001 league season after graduating from the various Tianjin Teda youth teams. With Tianjin he would gradually established himself as a useful attacking midfielder capable of scoring goals as a substitute, however it wasn't until the 2008 Chinese Super League season when he helped Tianjin qualify for AFC Champions League did he show his importance towards the team. His significance towards the team ended the following season when Tianjin were unable to improve upon their previous season's results and several first team regulars including Han were transfer listed. While South Korean side Incheon United F.C. showed an interest in his services Han suffered an injury before a transfer could take place. Once he recovered Han did not return to Tianjin and instead went to Henan to train on his fitness believing that he was free to leave after Tianjin stopped paying his wages.
Yan Yanming After the attack, Yanming ran away from the school, but was arrested hours later after he failed to commit suicide because his mother had reported his location to the Ruzhou police.
Zhuo Yanming Zhuo Yanming (卓巖明) (died July 4, 945), né Zhuo Yansi (卓偃巳), dharma name Timing (體明), was a Buddhist monk in the late years of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period state Min. After the Min army officer Li Renda rebelled against Min's last emperor Wang Yanzheng and took over control of Fu Prefecture (福州, in modern Fuzhou, Fujian), he proclaimed Zhuo Yanming, who was respected by the people, emperor, but shortly after assassinated Zhuo and directly took control.
Zhuo Yanming Upon defeating Zhang, Li Renda took over command of the imperial guards, and shortly after had others accuse Huang and Chen Jixun (陳繼珣) of treason and killed them, consolidating the military command in his hands. Not long after, he held a grand review of the troops and had Zhuo attend to view them. At the review, he had a soldier assassinate Zhuo. Zhuo's father was also put to death.