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wenjun    0.903920

hongyu    0.902700

zhihong    0.899750

yongqing    0.898942

xiaoyan    0.897672

jianhua    0.896835

yanmei    0.896301

lingwei    0.895770

jiawei    0.894432

guowei    0.893950

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Article Example
Cui Yanfeng Cui Yanfeng () is a Paralympian athlete from China competing mainly in category T54 middle distance events.
Cui Yanfeng Yanfeng competed in both the 800m and 1500m at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in his home country. He was also part of the gold medal winning Chinese 4 × 400 m really.
Zhu Yanfeng In May 2015, he left his position as deputy party chief of Jilin, and was named party chief and Chairman of Dongfeng Motor.
Zhu Yanfeng Zhu was born in Fenghua, Zhejiang Province in March 1961. He is the grandson of renowned meteorologist Chu Coching.
Zhu Yanfeng In 2007, Zhu became the executive vice governor of Jilin Province; in January 2008 he was also named to the Jilin provincial Party Standing Committee. He left his post as vice governor in May 2012, then was named deputy party chief of Jilin.