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yufen    0.893535

leilei    0.891101

shaojie    0.885088

guowei    0.884154

yingwen    0.880802

mingjuan    0.880529

xufeng    0.880516

yanfeng    0.879388

yueqi    0.879336

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Li Xueying Li Xueying (; born May 15, 1990 in Henan) is a Chinese weightlifter. She won gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics by lifting and on snatch and clean & jerk, respectively, with a total weight lifted of , setting a new Olympic record in both snatch and total weight lifted.
Ma Yili In 2006, Ma co-starred with Chen Jianbin, Jiang Qinqin and Lei Kesheng in "Qiao's Grand Courtyard" as Jiang Xueying. In June 2006, Ma signed with Orange Sky Entertainment Group.
MV Xue Long "Xue Long" has a crew of 34 and can accommodate 128 researchers or passengers. She has of laboratory space. In addition to a Kamov Ka-32 "Xueying" (Snow Eagle) helicopter, the ship also carries an Arctic class ARV autonomous underwater vehicle on a regular basis.
Qiao's Grand Courtyard (TV series) While the series follow the chronological events of Qiao Zhiyong's life, screenwriter Zhu Xiuhai employ some artistic license in depicting Qiao's "romances". The characters Lu Yuhan, Qiao's wife, and Jiang Xueying, Qiao's cousin, are fictitious. In reality Qiao Zhiyong had six successive wives (each died after succeeding a previous wife), since he lived a long life.
Qiao's Grand Courtyard (TV series) The series chronicles the life of late Qing Dynasty financier and businessman Qiao Zhiyong, the most famous member of the Qiao Family from Qi County, Shanxi. The series start during the reign of the Xianfeng Emperor when Qiao Zhiyong, a young scholar, leaves for Beijing for the imperial examination. The death of his sick elder brother Qiao Zhiguang forces Zhiyong to return home without sitting for the papers. His sister-in-law, Madam Cao, compels Qiao to take on the family's business, although he is initially reluctant to do so because he prefers academic studies. But with the Qiao's family business in arrears, Qiao marries Lu Yuhan, daughter of the wealthy Shanxi merchant Lu Dake, against his will, to save his family from bankruptcy. As a result, he forgoes marrying his childhood sweetheart, maternal cousin Jiang Xueying.