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Chen Xiyao Yao arrived in New Zealand to study in 2002, living in Timaru and Christchurch in the first three years and moving to Hamilton in 2004. Following studying at school, university (gaining a degree in Business Administration) and then at Wintec, he teaches and performs on the guzheng for local communities and plays as a solo guzheng and piano performer in churches, retirement homes, schools, and in public at many social and community events.
Chen Xiyao a number of engagements with the New Zealand China Friendship Society.
Chen Xiyao In June 2012 he was invited by the University of Victoria and the Confucius Institute to go to Wellington to perform his own concert at the St Mary of the Angels Church.
Chen Xiyao He also assisted his mother teaching students in China and has received several Chinese national honorary awards for teaching teenagers to play Chinese musical instruments and for assisting in the training of students participating in China's nationwide Traditional Chinese Music Professional Examinations. Now he is a Member of the China Musicians Association ( guzheng branch), member and teacher of China Nationalities Orchestra Society and an examiner for the China National Arts grading system.
Chen Xiyao In October 2011, Yao became the first Chinese artist to be presented with the award for ‘Outstanding Services to the Arts’ from Arts Waikato in the Waikato Region, New Zealand. He has already played in front of the NZ Prime Minister, Hon. John Key, and other celebrities.
Chen Xiyao Afterwards he worked with Dr Barbour from University of Waikato in her project “"Whispering Birds"”. Both projects were very successful.
Chen Xiyao Yao began learning Western classical music theory and piano when he was four years old, and the guzheng at eight, from his mother. He also played the guzheng as a solo artist or as part of a group at a very young age in frequent national and international concerts. He competed in a number of Chinese national and international guzheng competitions, winning several gold awards in 1996. In 1997, Yao played a guzheng solo in the 13th International Youth Arts Festival in Japan and won critical acclaim from international professionals. He has featured in TV programs and live shows on Beijing TV and China Central TV. In 2001, Yao won the Gold Medal in the Beijing Regional competition and the Silver medal in the National competition of the China National Fresh Young Artists Competition organised by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Arts.
Chen Xiyao In 2009, on behalf of the Trust, he was invited by the British Council of New Zealand to join the “People in Your Neighbourhood” project with a selection of New Zealand Artists and the Urban Soul Orchestra from UK to perform at the World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD)
Chen Xiyao He has taught students aged from 9 – 55 in New Zealand since 2002, most being migrants originally from Taiwan, China and Malaysia.
Chen Xiyao Yao has been engaged in the following activities in the past year or so including