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Cui Xiuwen Cui Xiuwen (born 1970) is a Harbin-born Chinese artist who produces oil paintings, video and photo works. Cui Xiuwen is a leading artist of contemporary art in China. Her works are collected by major museums such as Tate Modern and Brooklyn Museum.
Cui Xiuwen Cui Xiuwen was born in 1970 in Harbin, China. She attended the Fine Arts School of Northeast Normal University and graduated in 1990. She then went on to study at China's Central Academy of Fine Arts and received her Masters of Fine Arts in 1996.
Cui Xiuwen She has exhibited her work at Tate Modern, Florence Museum, Today Art Museum in Beijing, Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery (New York), Blindspot Gallery (Hong Kong), and Art Stage Singapore.
Peng Xiuwen Peng learned to play the "erhu" beginning at age seven. In 1956, he became the conductor and director of China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, an orchestra of Chinese traditional (and modernized traditional) instruments, based in Beijing.
Peng Xiuwen Peng Xiuwen (; 7 February 1931 – 28 December 1996) was a noted Chinese conductor and composer. He was a native of Wuhan, Hubei province, in central China.
Peng Xiuwen Peng Xiuwen composed a piece of orchestral music inspired by Tang dynasty poet Zhang Ruoxu's famous poem "Spring River in the Flower Moon Night" ("Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye", 春江花月夜). It has since entered the classical repertoire for the traditional Chinese instrument guzheng.
Xiuwen County Xiuwen County (修文县) is a county of Guizhou, China. It is under the administration of Guiyang city.
Cui Xiuwen She is known for her work "Ladies Room" was censored from being exhibited at the first Guangzhou Triennial. She has been identified with Chinese Feminism, but disagrees with stating in an Artslant interview, "I think it's very limiting. It seems to just be a feature of the art market and very difficult to escape."
Liuguanghe Xiqian Expressway Bridge The Liuguanghe Xiqian Expressway Bridge is a 375 metres high cable-stay bridge crossing the Yachi River between Xiuwen, Guiyang, and Qianxi, Bijie in Guizhou, China.
Shen Yue Shen Yue (; 441–513), courtesy name Xiuwen (休文), was a poet, statesman, and historian born in Huzhou, Zhejiang. He served emperors under the Liu Song Dynasty, the Southern Qi Dynasty, and the Liang Dynasty.