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xiaohong    0.890497

xianying    0.886526

leilei    0.886104

yujiexu    0.884743

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qianqian    0.882831

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for xinyue

Article Example
Su Xinyue Her personal best throw is 61.67 metres (Chonburi 2013).
Yuan Xinyue Yuan Xinyue (; born 21 December 1996) is a Chinese female volleyball player. She is a member of the China women's national volleyball team and played for Bayi in 2014.
Yuan Xinyue She participated in the 2015 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix.
Yuan Xinyue She was also a part of the China women's national volleyball team in Rio Olympic Game in 2016, winning the championship.
Zhang Xinyue Zhang Xinyue (born 5 May 1993) is a Chinese rower. She competed in the women's quadruple sculls event at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Yuan Xinyue She was part of the Chinese national team at the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship in Italy.
Su Xinyue Su Xinyue (born 8 November 1991) is a Chinese athlete specializing in the discus throw. She won the gold at the 2013 Asian Championships. She also competed at the 2013 World Championships failing to reach the final.
Lady Xu Xinyue Little is known about Lady Xu's background other than that she was from Tai Prefecture (台州, in modern Taizhou, Zhejiang) and that she was possibly born in 903, during the reign of Emperor Zhaozong of Tang. It is not known when she became Qian Chuanguan's concubine, but it is known that she was well-versed in music and therefore was put in charge of music in his palace. When another concubine of his, Lady Fu, gave birth to his son Qian Hongzun — who would later become the designated heir until his untimely death in 940 at age 15 — in 925, Lady Fu became very honored in the palace and was created the Lady of Lu. (At that time, Qian Chuanguan was himself still serving under his father Qian Liu the king, but was already serving as acting military governor of Wuyue's main circuits, Zhenhai (鎮海, headquartered in modern Hangzhou, Zhejiang) and Zhendong (鎮東, headquartered in modern Shaoxing, Zhejiang), and therefore was commonly viewed as his heir.) A Buddhist nun named Qiyun (契雲), who was in charge of offering incense in the palace and who was considered a good judge of character, however, stated to Lady Xu, "Lady Fu can never match you. You, lady, should take care of yourself." She subsequently gave birth to Qian Chuanguan's sixth son, Qian Hongzuo, in 928.
Lady Xu Xinyue Sometime after Qian Chuanguan's becoming the ruler of Wuyue upon his father Qian Liu's death in 932 (and thereafter changed his name to Qian Yuanguan), Lady Xu received the title of Lady of Wuyue — probably after the death of his then-wife Lady Ma in 939, because Lady Ma carried the title of Lady of Wuyue until her death. (The title of Lady of Wuyue might be an indication that Lady Xu effectively became Qian Yuanguan's wife by this point.)
Lady Xu Xinyue Qian Yuanguan died in 942, and Lady Xu's son Qian Hongzuo became king. She herself died in 945, and was given a posthumous name of "Renhui" ("kind and benevolent").