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Zhong Xiaoyang Zhong Xiaoyang was born in Guangzhou, China in 1962. Her father was an Indonesian doctor of Chinese descent, while her mother was from Shenyang, China. The family moved to Hong Kong when Zhong was five months old. There, she attended Maryknoll Girls' School in Hong Kong and then came to America to study film at University of Michigan. After graduating, she returned to Hong Kong in 1986. In 1993, she moved to Sydney, Australia. Her writing combines elements of classical Chinese writing and Western influences; she also has been strongly influenced by the writing of Eileen Chang.
Zhong Xiaoyang She also published five collections of short stories and a novel "A Romance of Unending Sorrow" (Yihen chuanqi) (1996).
Zhong Xiaoyang These poems, written stream of consciousness style, come across as dark but still sensitive to human emotion.
Qiao Xiaoyang In April 2010, Qiao said the reason the Standing Committee in 2007 ruled that Hong Kong "may" and not "must" have universal suffrage for the 2017 chief executive and 2020 Legislative Council elections was because any change in electoral methods required approval by local lawmakers. He added that passage of the reform package would "create excellent conditions for universal suffrage in the future." Instead of equal and universal right to vote, in June 2010 he further defined universal suffrage with the restriction of taking into consideration Hong Kong’s legal status (as a non-independent state), being compatible with the executive-led political system, balancing the interests of different sectors of society, and being beneficial for the development of the city’s capitalist economy. Pan-democrats said Qiao's statement reinforced their concerns, as it offered only the right to vote rather than to stand and nominate others in an election, and paved the way for keeping functional constituencies indefinitely.
Zhong Xiaoyang She published her first work of fiction "Halt, May I Ask" (Tingche zan ziewen) in 1981, at the age of 18, which received the Unitas Literature Award. In 1998, she published four volumes of poetry called "Dead Tree and Extinguished Ashes" (Gaomu sihui ji):
Qiao Xiaoyang Qiao was born in Hubei province in 1945. He was graduated from the Beijing Language and Culture University and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 1974. He served as vice-chairman of the legislative affairs commission of the National People's Congress Standing Committee becoming 10th vice-chairman of the Law Committee in 2003.
Qiao Xiaoyang He was also member of the Hong Kong SAR Preparatory Committee and Macao SAR Preparatory Committee oversaw the transfer of the sovereignty of the two former colonies.
Qiao Xiaoyang He made a numbers of remarkable decisions and comments during his chairmanship of the HKSAR Basic Law Committee.
Yu Xiaoyang Yu Xiaoyang (; born June 6, 1986 in Harbin, Heilongjiang) is a Chinese ice dancer. She competes with Wang Chen. They are four-time Chinese national champions (2006, 2008, 2010, and 2013), as well as two-time bronze medalists at the Asian Winter Games. Their best score at the Four Continents Figure Skating Competition is 7th place, and at the World Championships is 18th.
Zhong Xiaoyang Zhong Xiaoyang is a modern Hong Kong writer currently residing in Australia.