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Tang Xiaowei His early career in physics is about High Energy and application to the nuclear technology. In recent years, he put most of his efforts in the cross-field between physics and medical science. One of his famous contribution to Chinese is that he has joined in the project of Chinese first atom bomb. In the project, his experiment is about the atom bomb’s ignition. As a academician in Chinese Academy of Sciences, he devoted himself to the measurement of electro-magnetic cascade shower and the study of particle detector with his group. During his career as a doctor tutor, he has instructed many outstanding scholars for the physics field of China.
Tang Xiaowei August, 1977, Professor Ding Zhaozhong, who is known as Professor S.C.C Ding for Americans, visited China, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China ask Professor Ding to cultivate 100 physicists for China. Professor Tang was the leader of the first team. This team arrived at Hamburg in January, 1978. This team cooperate with an American team whose leader is Professro Ding. These two teams worked in the project called "MARK-J experiment" at DESY. During their research, a fundamental particle that transmits strong interaction force was discovered, then this particle was named gluon.
Xiaowei Zhuang The Zhuang laboratory invented a single-cell transcriptome imaging method, MERFISH (multiplexed error-robust fluorescence in situ hybridization), which allows numerous RNA species to be imaged and quantified in single cells in their native context. Zhuang and colleagues used single-molecule FRET to study biomolecules and molecular complexes and developed single-virus tracking methods to study virus-cell interactions.
Tang Xiaowei In the 1950s, he was doing the research of nuclear detector and some pion experiments. Ten years later, he turned into the national defense scientific research field. In the 1970s, he participated in the famous event for China: 'The Atom Bomb, Superatomic Bomb and Satellite Project', which is well known as the 'Two Bombs and One Star' project for all the Chinese. At the end of the 70s, he restarted his work in experimental high energy physics. At the same time, he was sent to Hamburg and Geneva to doing some cooperation research in the field of high energy physics. In the 1980s, he began teaching, but at the same time, he still did his research in many physics fields. Later, he joined in the AMS study (Alfa spectrometer). During the 1990s, Tang made efforts in medical physics and brain science. Later, he and several Chinese neural scientists started the "Human Brain Project". At the beginning of the 21st century, he focused on the research of dreams, mood and conscious.
Tang Xiaowei In 1952, Tang was graduated from Tsinghua University and assigned to Chinese Academy of Science. His team at the Ninth Academy invented China's first nuclear detector. At that time, Chinese geologists were finding uranium mines all over China. Tang's detector made great contribution to this researching activity.
Tang Xiaowei The research was terrible at the beginning because the Chinese researchers didn't understand German nor English. Professor Tang recorded every dialogue. When night came, he played the records again and again until he made a completely understanding.
Huang Xiaowei On September 30, 2014, after a wholesale reshuffle of the Shanxi provincial party leadership, Huang was named Secretary of Discipline Inspection of Shanxi Province, responsible for anti-corruption efforts.
Tang Xiaowei Tang Xiaowei (, born October 1931) is a Chinese physicist who has made contributions to the Chinese applied physics field. Now he is an academician in Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and worked in Zhejiang University as a professor and doctor tutor.
Xiaowei Zhuang Using STORM, Zhuang and colleagues have studied a variety of biological system, ranging from single-cell organisms to complex brain tissues. These studies led to the discovery of novel cellular structures, such as the periodic membrane skeletons in the axons of neurons and provided insights into many other cellular structures.
Huang Xiaowei Huang Xiaowei (; born May 1961) is a Chinese politician currently serving as the Deputy Party Secretary of Shanxi Province in central China.