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Wang Xiaohong Wang Xiaohong (; born November 20, 1968 in Changzhou, Jiangsu) is a female Chinese swimmer. She competed in two consecutive Summer Olympics for her native country, starting in 1988. She won the silver medal in the women's 200m butterfly event at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.
Li Xiaohong (engineer) Li began to develop Water Jet TBM Tunneling Machine when trained at UC Berkeley. There, he spent two years to make the machine capable of crushing stones which are extremely hard. He continued this research after he returned to Chongqing University. He finally developed a method of rock crushing, containing eroding coal rock with water jet, crack extension, washing away the debris, and cooling the cutting-tools.
Li Xiaohong (engineer) Li Xiaohong (June 1959 - ) is a Chinese engineer and educator. He served as the president of Chongqing University from 2003 to 2010, and was appointed as the president of Wuhan University in 2010. In 2011, he was elected as a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering. As a researcher, Li's main interests are in the field of mining engineering. He made contributions to the development of water jet cutters in China, and established new equations about jet parameters and cutting effection, so the use of abrasive jet could be improved.
Li Xiaohong (athlete) Her personal bests in the event are 14.20 metres outdoors (+1.6 m/s, Chanthaburi 2015) and 14.06 metres indoors (Nanjing 2013). She set her personal best in the long jump of 6.27m while winning the 2014 Asian Junior Athletics Championships.
Li Xiaohong (athlete) She competed in the Women's triple jump event at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics in Beijing, China. The following year she competed in the 2016 Olympics.
Li Xiaohong (engineer) Li was born into a rural family; he once served as a commune cadre in 1975. In 1978, he entered the Mining Engineering Department, Chongqing University, and was appointed as the party secretary of the department after he graduated in 1982. From June 1989, he trained at UC Berkeley for 3 years. In 1993, he received his doctor's degree in engineering from Chongqing University. Then he served as a visiting scholar at UQ from March to August 1996. Li later served as the dean of College of Resources and Environmental Engineering, Chongqing University, from 1994 to 1998. He served as the president of Chongqing University from 2003 to 2010, and the president of Wuhan University from 2010.
Li Xiaohong (athlete) Li Xiaohong (born 8 January 1995) is a female triple jumper from China.
Li Xiaohong (engineer) Li and his colleagues studied the mechanism of abrasive mixing in self-oscillation flow, and measured its effects on main parameters, so they could develop the equations about jet parameters and cutting effection. Consequently, they could infer the relation between characteristics of wear particles and effect of cavitation in pulsed abrasive water jet. Based on this, they proposed a design standard of pulsed abrasive water jet nozzles.
Love on Credit Can Xiaohong and Xiaoqing achieve happiness at last?
Zhou Xuan According to later family research, a relative who was an opium addict took her at the age of 3 to another city and sold her to a family named Wang, who named her Wang Xiaohong. She was later adopted by a family named Zhou, changing her name to Zhou Xiaohong.