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Xin Xianying Her hometown was in Longxi County, Gansu. Her father was a high-ranking official as an imperial adviser. As a young girl she became known for her studying. When she was sixteen, she married Yang Dan (羊丹) of Taishan. During the uncertain times of the three kingdoms, her brother often asked her for advice.
Liu Xianying Liu Xianying (; born July 8, 1977 in Jilin) is a former Chinese biathlete who competed in the 1998 Winter Olympics, the 2002 Winter Olympics, the 2006 Winter Olympics and the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Xin Xianying Xin Xianying often talked to her nephew Yang Hu about Zhong Hui's ambitions to rule, and said that one should avoid having too close personal contacts with Zhong Hui.
Xin Xianying Xin Xianying's words showed her wisdom and practicality, for which she was famous. Many times Xin Xianying spoke her mind, even when others couldn't.
Xin Xianying Xin Xianying (191–269) was the daughter of Xin Pi, an official of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. The tribulations of this period caused insecurity and her brother Xin Chang repeatedly asked her for advice.