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Xcade was also used to develop some homebrew games to run on the same hardware:
Xcade XCade was one of the very first arcade emulators developed around 1995 (pre-dating MAME by a short time, but following Neil Bradley's Atari vector emulator for instance) and one of the first multi-game emulators. Platforms originally targeted included Unix with framebuffer and X11 support (including Solaris/SunOS, FreeBSD and the BSDs, and Linux.) XCade was refined on and off over the years from a simple open source Unix and DOS based emulator to being a shareware product for Palm OS handhelds and phones, and freeware for the Korean GP32 handheld console.
Xcade The original source code to various versions of XCade is available around the Internet; the last shareware and freeware versions are available on the author's website.
Xcade XCade was the first released unix oriented arcade emulator.
Xcade XCade was the first Palm OS (and thus PDA) arcade emulator.
Xcade The original XCade supported emulation of the hardware for the following arcade games, though it