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powloski    0.769325

hochbrueckner    0.766356

coldale    0.751178

koczera    0.747367

vopni    0.745874

rindestu    0.740863

anisua    0.740397

petrovicky    0.737516

eickman    0.734184

skorupan    0.733671

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Article Example
Ronald Wormsbecker Ronald Joseph Wormsbecker (born April 17, 1948) was a Canadian politician who served in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan from 1991 to 1995, as a NDP member for the constituency of Weyburn.
Lorne Hepworth He was born in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan and studied veterinary medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. In 1970, he married Fern Presber. Hepworth operated a farm near Assiniboia and was a veterinarian in Weyburn. He served in the provincial cabinet as Minister of Public Participation, as Minister of Agriculture, as Minister of Energy and Mines, as Minister of Advanced Education and Manpower, as Minister of Education and as Minister of Finance. He was defeated by Ronald Wormsbecker when he ran for reelection to the Saskatchewan assembly in 1991.