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lenningen    0.886333

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wunsiedel    0.884067

hausach    0.883042

krumbach    0.882184

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neuenkirchen    0.873251

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Wolfach Villages within the borough of Wolfach include Kirnbach and Kinzigtal.
Wolfach The exact foundation year of Wolfach is not known.
Wolfach The coat of arms of the town of Wolfach displays a golden wolf's rod on blue ground and is based on the "Wolfs-Angel" of the "Herren von Wolfach".
Wolfach Wolfach is a town in the Black Forest and part of the Ortenaukreis in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). It is a well-known spa town in Germany.
Wolfach Wolfach lies where the two rivers Wolf and Kinzig meet in the Kinzig valley. The mixture of valleys and mountains is a characteristic of the town, which stretches between 250 and 880 m above sea level.
Wolfach The history of the town Wolfach can be traced back to the year 1084, although some finding even point back to the Roman times.
Wolfach On April 21, 1945, before fleeing the city, the Gestapo took the French resistants and political prisoners held in the prison of Wolfach to a forest outside of the town, forced them to dig their own graves, and shot them on the spot, just three hours before the arrival of the French 2nd Armored Division commanded by General Leclerc.
Wolfach Wolfach is said to be one of the towns rich in tradition of the Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht.
Wolfach Wolfach hotels and bed & breakfast places have an occupancy rate of 128,000 nights each year (year 2000).
Kirnbach (Wolfach) The name Kirnbach comes from the Middle High German word "Kürn" (= mill). It was first mentioned in 1275 as "Kurnbach" or "Kurenbach".