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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for wienerlicious

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Chuck Versus the Helicopter At the Wienerlicious Chuck apologizes for his behavior, before bringing his family in for lunch.
Chuck Versus the Tango The next morning La Ciudad attempts to finish Chuck off, but Casey neutralizes her two henchmen, while Sarah defeats her in a fight on the roof of the Wienerlicious.
Chuck Versus the Helicopter This episode introduces some of the show's first real "spy gadgets:" the NSA Incinerator, the Herder's secret modifications, and Casey's miniature tracking bugs hidden in his quiches. This is also the first use of Casey's "I don't kid about..." one-liners, and the first appearance of the "Stay in the car" joke. The Wienerlicious is introduced, as is Chuck's intolerance towards pain in general and needles in particular.
Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami IGN scored the episode an 8.7 out of 10, particularly touting the scene between Sarah and Lester at the Wienerlicious. However they were less thrilled about the revealing of Bryce. Although the reviewer appreciated the manner in which the revelation was made and the impact Bryce's return would have on the show, promotion of the episode heavily focused on a surprising twist while showing the container opening. Matthew Bomer's name was also listed in the guest credits at the top of the episode, further spoiling the ending. Total Sci-Fi also echoes the spoiling of the ending.
Chuck Versus the Marlin After Casey is finally released from his interrogation, he tracks down Morgan, forcing the location of the Marlin from him, and hurries to the Wienerlicious. He rescues Sarah from the freezer, who tells him Lizzie planted the bugs and that Conway arrested Chuck. They report in to Beckman with the information, who has decided to extract Chuck anyway. Sarah and Casey are ordered to track down Lizzie. Sarah objects but Casey accepts the General's instructions. After they break contact with Beckman, he tells Sarah he'll take care of Lizzie while she tracks down Chuck.
Buy More The series' eponymous character Chuck Bartowski, and most of the principal characters, are employed at the Burbank branch of the Buy More for most of the entire series. The store is located at 9000 Burbank Boulevard. Every episode touches on the store at some point, whether for a substantial comedic side plot or as the scene of some of the series' spy action, particularly in the first two seasons. The Burbank Buy More is involved in a fierce rivalry with the nearby Beverly Hills location, often involving vicious pranks between the stores, as highlighted in "Chuck Versus the Predator". Neighboring "big box" stores in the shopping center are Large Mart and Underpants Etc. The employees of Buy More and Large Mart have a fragile truce concerning pranks and sabotage of each other's store. Restaurants across the parking lot include Wienerlicious, a fast-food retailer specializing in hot dogs and sausages, in season 1; Orange Orange, a frozen yogurt store, in seasons 2 and 3; and a Bennigan's. Sarah Walker maintains a cover as an employee of the Wienerlicious and, subsequently, the Orange Orange. The Orange Orange – like the Buy More – is a façade for, and secret entrance to, the underground Castle base.
Chuck Versus the Marlin Meanwhile, Lizzie, who had overheard Morgan telling Jeff and Lester where he hid the Marlin, heads to the Wienerlicious and arrives just as Sarah receives Chuck's warning. She tries to gain access to the freezer but Sarah refuses and the two engage in a fight. The two women are evenly matched, but Lizzie manages to get to a gun and imprisons Sarah in the freezer. Chuck arrives to find the Marlin broken on the restaurant floor and Lizzie, the receiver, and the ring gone. He hears Sarah call for help and finds her locked in the freezer. At her instructions, he finds a gun hidden in a tub of horseradish sauce and bumbles his way through trying to shoot the lock. However, Detective Conway arrives at the behest of Big Mike and sees the gun in Chuck's hand, taking Chuck into custody despite his protests that he was trying to help Sarah out of the freezer.
Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami Lester watches Sarah leave the Buy More after their breakup and decides he's going to go after her. He follows her to the Wienerlicious to ask her out, but Sarah scares him off with over-aggressive advances. Seeing that Chuck already has a girlfriend after breaking up with Sarah, Morgan decides he needs a girlfriend too. Jeff mentions he intends to go after Anna, but she tells him off saying she'd rather hook up with Morgan. When Morgan tries to kiss her in the Home Theater room later she rebuffs him, leaving Morgan afraid she'll tell everyone. He does so himself when he misinterprets Anna, Jeff and Lester laughing about Chuck being in trouble with Lou so soon after breaking up with Sarah, and Jeff and Lester begin teasing him unmercifully. Anna feels sorry for him, so later while he's watching a movie in the Home Theater room she kisses him.
Chuck Versus the Helicopter The episode begins with Chuck offering the viewers a recap of the events that have put him in his current position, while helping Casey chase down a shoplifter. As part of their covers, Casey is now working at the Buy More as a "Green Shirt," while Sarah poses as his girlfriend and working at the "Wienerlicious" across the parking lot from the Buy More. After helping Casey apprehend the shoplifter (and ensuring Casey doesn't beat the kid) Sarah reassures Chuck there is a plan to remove the secrets from his head. The two plan a second "date" that night to discuss it. Later while getting ready, Ellie complains that Morgan has met Sarah, but she has not, so plans dinner for them all the following evening.
Chuck Versus the Marlin "Chuck Versus the Marlin" was the second appearance by Fulcrum in the show, and referenced the possibility of Chuck being forcibly relocated to a secure facility for his safety that was previously discussed in "Chuck Versus the Intersect". This episode also marked the last appearance of the Wienerlicious, as Sarah would move to the Orange Orange frozen yogurt shop at the beginning of Season 2. Big Mike's last name was also revealed to be Tucker, and that he named his marlin Norman. Morgan was revealed to have been born by Cesarean section. The GLG-20 device would later be used by the team in "Chuck Versus the Best Friend." This episode is also the first time Chuck is shown handling a gun.