Top 10 similar words or synonyms for wichtigsten

philosophischen    0.884322

gesetze    0.882538

ihren    0.877356

neueren    0.876136

vorgeschichte    0.873338

teutschen    0.871831

letzten    0.869964

nebst    0.869653

besetzten    0.868160

literarischen    0.867182

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for wichtigsten

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Matthias Christian Sprengel From 1800 onward, he was editor of "Bibliothek der neuesten und wichtigsten Reisebeschreibungen" ("Library of the latest and most important travelogues").
Hünengrab im Herbst "Rock Hard" journalist Wolf-Rüdiger Mühlmann called "Hünengrab im Herbst" "the most important German black metal album" and placed it on rank 16 of 25 on the magazine's list "Die 25 wichtigsten Black-Metal-Alben aller Zeiten" ('the 25 most important black metal albums of all times').
Erich Leschke He was the author of numerous papers regarding cardiac, pulmonary and metabolic diseases. His book "Die wichtigsten vergiftungen, Fortschritte in deren Erkennung und Behandlung" was translated into English and published as "Clinical toxicology; modern methods in the diagnosis and treatment of poisoning" (1934).
Bücherei des Schocken Verlag The Bücherei des Schocken Verlag ("Library of the Schocken Verlag" in German) sometimes informally referred to as "beliebte Reihe der Schocken-Bücherei" ("popular series of the Schocken library") with its distinct, uniform style is widely considered "one of the most important manifestations of the spiritual life of Jews in Germany between 1933 and 1938" ("wichtigsten Erscheinungen des geistigen Lebens").
Frederick Augustus Genth He also published “Tabellarische Übersicht der wichtigsten Reactionen welche Basen in Salzen zeigen” (Marburg, 1845), also the same in relation to “Acids” (1845); “Corundum” (in "American Philosophical Society Proceedings", 1873); “Minerals of North Carolina,” being appendix “C” of the "Report on the Geology of North Carolina" (Raleigh, 1875); also "First and Second Preliminary Reports on the Mineralogy of Pennsylvania" (Harrisburg, 1875/6), and "Minerals and Mineral Localities of North Carolina" (Raleigh, 1881).
Theodor Koch-Grunberg In his books about his expeditions he rarely complains about the harsh conditions regarding food and shelter; he seems to endure that environment with strong health. In "Two Years Among the Indians..." he appears not to have taken any precaution against malaria, but does so in "From Roraima to the Orinoco" (page 88, German edition), where he describes how he protected himself with quinine, following a German tropical medicine handbook for lay people (A. Plehn: "Kurzgefasste Vorschriften zur Verhütung und Behandlung der wichtigsten tropischen Krankheiten bei Europäern und Eingeborenen für Nichtärzt"e).
Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Dieterici Dieterici was an engineer-geographer in Blücher's army from 1813 to 1815, was engaged in the Ministry of Public Instruction, became professor of political science in the University of Berlin, and in 1844 was placed at the head of the statistical bureau. He published a number of important works on political economy and statistics, among which may be mentioned: "De Via et Ratione Œconomiam Politicam Docendi" and "Statistische Uebersicht der wichtigsten Gegenstände des Verkehrs und Verbrauchs im preussischen Staat und im deutschen Zollverband" (1838).
David Zvi Hoffmann Hoffman was the leading authority on traditional "halakha" (Jewish law) in Germany in his lifetime, as well as an expert in the area of "midrash halakha" (legalistic Biblical exegesis). He was also known for his efforts to disprove the Documentary Hypothesis, as expressed by the Graf-Wellhausen theory, with his arguments presented in the work "Die wichtigsten Instanzen gegen die Graf-Wellhausensche Hypothese" (1903/1916). A. Altmann, however, sees Hoffmann's writings on these matters (though evidencing great expertise) as pure apologetics, the cause of which may be seen as laid out in his introduction to Leviticus , where Hoffmann makes the following remarks:
Oskar Rescher Oskar Rescher's publications include some valuable indices for works of classical Arabic literature like al-Bukhari's hadith-collection and Yaqut's "Mu'jam al-buldan". He produced an "Abriss der arabischen Literaturgeschichte", 2 vols. (Konstantinopel-Pera: Abajoli, 1925 and 1933, Reprint Osnabrück: Biblio-Verlag, 1983), as well as an extensive series of "Beiträge zur arabischen Poesie", 8 vols. (Stuttgart and Istanbul, 1935–1963). Some of his publications are reprinted in: "Gesammelte Werke: eine Sammlung der wichtigsten Schriften Oskar Reschers teilweise mit Ergänzungen und Verbesserungen aus dem schriftlichen Nachlass", 5 fasc. (Osnabrück: Biblio-Verlag, 1978–95).
Chemiker Zeitung Chemiker Zeitung was a German scientific journal with publications on general and industrial chemistry. It was established in 1877, and it issued in Köthen. From 1932 onwards, it was named "Forschrittsbericht der Chemiker-Zeitung über die wichtigsten Gebiete der Chemie und chemischen Industrie" and in 1950 the name changed to "Deutsche Chemiker-Zeitschrift". Publication was suspended between 1945-1949. The journal was continued from 1959 to 1968 as the "Chemiker-Zeitung, Chemische Apparatur". In 1992, "Chemiker Zeitung" was merged with "Journal für praktische Chemie" (established in 1834). Since 2001, "Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis" (publisher: Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany) integrated both "Chemiker Zeitung" and "Journal für praktische Chemie".