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Article Example
Whulk At Whulk, in legendary times, the Transformer "Q!a'neqe lak" married the daughter of a chief of Whulk, "Gwa' nalalis", who was later transformer into the Nimpkish River, which is known as "gwa' ne" in Kwak'wala
Whulk When visited respectively by Galiano and Vancouver in 1792, there were 34 houses at Whulk, with a population estimated as 200-900 at the time. The site is also known as Cheslakees, though attempts to connect that name with names documented in oral history have failed, though it is supposed to be the name of the village's leading chief at the time of Galiano's and Vancouver's visits. Ches-la-kee Indian Reserve No. 3 was created in 1886 including the location of Whulk.
Whulk Whulk or xwalkw, meaning "(logs) place crossewise", was a Kwakwaka'wakw village at the mouth of the Nimpkish River on northern Vancouver Island, which was a place of origin for some of the groups comprising today's 'Namgis group of Kwakwaka'wakw, who now reside mostly at Yalis on Cormorant Island (i.e. Alert Bay Indian Reserve No. 1).
Cheslakee “Cheslakee” was the name of a settlement of the 'Namgis group of Kwakwaka'wakw at the mouth of the Nimpkish River also known as Whulk. The name Cheslakees is said to have been that of the chief of the village at the time of Vancouver's visit in 1792. This town had been visited by Captain George Vancouver and the name was recorded in his journal.
Transformer (spirit-being) The name of one of the Transformers in Kwak'wala is Q!a'neqe lak, who married the daughter of a chief of the 'Namgis at the village of Whulk at the mouth of the Nimpkish River; the chief, "Gwa' nalalis", was later transformed by "Q!a'neqe lak" into the Nimpkish River.
Southern Scots Duist a hip-step-an-a-lowp, an A cam on o an- other kenspeckle landmerk-Peinelheuch. This eez the saicant sic column, A've haar'tell; for, yeh gowsty nicht (wui a wund fit ti blaw doors oot wundihs) a turbleent woare as the ordnar dang doon the firsst Peinelheuch moniment (the whulk, A unk, maun heh been buggen keinda jingle-jointeet, or maim heh cowblt on ov a gey coaggly foond ; ony o the ways, it geh a steiter, an yownt-owre it tirlt!) Bit Border folk are no that easy bett ; they juist paat up a moniment fer better an brawer be what the auld yin was. An now, aabody stravaigin the Borderland-gangers an reiders-sood ken Peinelheuch.