Top 10 similar words or synonyms for whitish_tinged

strigulated    0.871563

whitish_fuscous    0.865694

pale_whitish_ochreous    0.864819

termen_suffused    0.862594

light_greyish_ochreous    0.862252

whitish_suffused    0.861901

pale_ochreous_yellowish    0.861443

broadly_suffused    0.858807

fuscous_tinged    0.858273

cream_tinged    0.857663

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for whitish_tinged

Article Example
Anarsia aleurodes beneath the apex. The hindwings are light grey, subhyaline and whitish-tinged anteriorly.
Agnippe fuscopulvella The forewings are whitish, tinged with yellowish-ochreous, densely dusted with fuscous.
Stenoma metroleuca The wingspan is about 14 mm. The forewings are snow white and the hindwings are whitish, tinged grey posteriorly.
Scoparia coecimaculalis The wingspan is about 10 mm. The forewings are brownish grey, with fuscous speckling and markings. The hindwings are hyaline whitish, tinged with grey at the apex.
Cnaphalocrocis daisensis The wingspan is about 17 mm. The basal half of both the fore- and hindwings is whitish, tinged with pale yellowish. The outer
Tracholena micropolia The wingspan is about 12 mm. The forewings are whitish grey, strigulated (finely streaked) with pale fuscous. The hindwings are whitish, tinged with grey towards the apex.
Thiotricha dissobola The wingspan is 7-8 mm. The forewings are whitish, tinged grey posteriorly and with the apical area grey, including an oblique white darker-edged streak from
Homaloxestis subpallida The wingspan is about 17 mm. The forewings are light grey, whitish-tinged towards the costa anteriorly. The hindwings are rather light grey.
Schoenotenes emmetra The wingspan is about 19 mm. The ground colour of the forewings is white with brownish markings and darker veins. The hindwings are whitish, tinged with brownish terminally.
Schoenobius endochralis The wingspan is 36 mm. The forewings are pale rufous. The hindwings are whitish, tinged with rufous. There is a fine brown terminal line.