Top 10 similar words or synonyms for whitish_irrorated

ochreous_irrorated    0.887330

irregularly_irrorated    0.876096

fuscous_sprinkled    0.875997

cupreous_gloss    0.869498

fuscous_irrorated    0.868888

irregularly_sprinkled    0.861773

suffusedly_irrorated    0.861117

faint_purplish_tinge    0.858795

grey_irrorated    0.857822

ochreous_sprinkled    0.852312

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for whitish_irrorated

Article Example
Scrobipalpa chetitica The length of the forewings is 3.8–5 mm. The forewings are whitish, irrorated with deep grey to blackish scales.
Parallactis zorophanes The wingspan is about 15 mm. The ground colour of the forewings is cream with ochraceous-buff markings. The hindwings are whitish, irrorated with cream.
Promenesta capnocoma The wingspan is about 14 mm. The forewings are orange and the hindwings are whitish irrorated grey, and with the costal half pale ochreous yellowish.
Stenolechia bathrodyas The wingspan is 7 mm. The forewings are ochreous-whitish irrorated fuscous and with median subdorsal black dots almost at the base, as well as blackish dots
Tortrix tephrodes The wingspan is 18–20 mm. The forewings are whitish, irrorated with grey and with grey markings and patchy ferruginous irroration. The hindwings are grey.