Top 10 similar words or synonyms for whitish_basally

pale_brownish_cream    0.751681

pale_whitish_yellowish    0.726837

unicolourous_grey    0.712110

paler_anteriorly    0.709536

castaneous    0.704290

beige_suffused    0.703419

thinly_sprinkled    0.703125

whitish_ochreous_tinged    0.700911

pale_fawn_ochreous    0.699967

lighter_anteriorly    0.699817

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for whitish_basally

Article Example
Inape stella somewhat paler strigulae. The hindwings are brownish white, whitish basally and pale brownish on the periphery.
Phalonidia holguina The wingspan is about 7 mm. The ground colour of the forewings is whitish with brownish suffusions. The hindwings are whitish basally and mixed with brownish otherwise.
Ponometia erastrioides The wingspan is 16-20 mm. The forewings are white with large diagonal blackish patch in the distal half. The hindwings are whitish, basally with greyish-brown shading distally. Adults are on wing from May to September.
Clarkenia cantamen The wingspan is . The ground colour of the forewings is silvery white with minute black and grey-black dots and black markings. The hindwings are pale brownish grey, but whitish basally, with pale brownish grey spots.
Lopharcha kinokuniana The wingspan is 11–15 mm. The ground colour of the forewings is dark brown, overlaid with brown and with reddened metallic transverse strigulae (fine streaks). The hindwings are greyish-brown, but whitish basally.