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The Whippoorwill The album debuted on the Top Country Albums chart at No. 59 before their album's official release in August 2012, and re-entered the chart 4 weeks later at No.8 on its official release (chart date September 1, 2012). It also debuted on "Billboard" 200 at No. 40 on its official release, as well as No. 10 on the Independent Albums chart and No. 12 on the Top Rock Albums chart. The album has sold 51,000 copies in the US as of October 2012.
The Whippoorwill The album was released in the UK in February 2014, and it debuted at No.30 on the UK album Top 100 chart and No. 1 on the UK Country Album Chart with 2,973 copies sold for the week.
Whippoorwill, Kentucky Whippoorwill is an unincorporated community in Logan County, Kentucky, United States.
Whippoorwill (train) The train's original consist, as delivered by Pullman-Standard, included the following cars:
Whippoorwill Creek Whippoorwill Creek was so named on account of Eastern whip-poor-wills near its course.
The Whippoorwill The Whippoorwill is the third studio album by American southern/country rock band Blackberry Smoke. It was released on August 14, 2012 through Southern Ground Records in the North America and on February 17, 2014 through Earache Records in Europe. The latter contained three additional live tracks; "Country Side of Life", "Pretty Little Lie" and "Six Ways to Sunday".
USS Whippoorwill USS "Whippoorwill" is a name that has been used more than once by the U.S. Navy in naming its ships:
Whippoorwill (train) The C&EI discontinued the "Whippoorwill" in 1948 after the L&N began running a section of the "Georgian" to Chicago over a similar schedule. The C&EI reassigned the "Whippoorwill"'s equipment to the "Georgian" and the "Humming Bird" until finally selling most of it to the Illinois Central in the early 1960s.
Whippoorwill (disambiguation) Whippoorwill, Whip-poor-will and variants may refer to:
Whippoorwill (train) The Whippoorwill was a short-lived passenger train operated by the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad (C&EI) between Chicago, Illinois and Evansville, Indiana.