Top 10 similar words or synonyms for whetting

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for whetting

Article Example
Kraut (band) The band released a mini-album, "Whetting the Scythe", in 1984, and toured the U.S.
Karsa River Karsa River (Oromiffa "qarsaa", "flat rock, whetting stone") is a river within western Ethiopia. A tributary of the Kobara, the river has been panned for gold in the past by the local inhabitants.
Caffeine (album) The "Down Beat" review by Bill Shoemaker states "Caffeine provides high-energy blow-outs followed by explorations of space and color. Baker's first recorded outing is appetite-whetting, as he skillfully skirts Taylor's long shadow."
Pure McCartney (Paul McCartney album) Pablo Gorondi from ABC News says: "Still, "Pure McCartney" is a substantial, honest and gratyfying introduction to the long and winding career of a pop music giant, a tasting menu whetting the appetite for more."
Aristophanes The rhythm begins at a typical anapestic gallop, slows down to consider the revered poets Hesiod and Homer, then gallops off again to its comic conclusion at the expense of the unfortunate Pantocles. Such subtle variations in rhythm are common in the plays, allowing for serious points to be made while still whetting the audience's appetite for the next joke.
Chelsea (beverage) Chelsea ran afoul of anti-alcohol advocates for supposedly whetting teen appetites for alcoholic beverages. The drink, available in 10 oz., 32 oz. glass bottles and 12 oz. aluminum cans, was legal for all ages and tasted like ginger ale with a slightly beerish aftertaste (ingredients included lemon and lime juice, apple flavor, and ginger).
Return to Labyrinth Kristy Valenti, who works for "The Comics Journal" and Fantagraphics Books, wrote that the series "is the most successful at both whetting the nostalgia of the film's cult audience while mining the film's world-building for further narrative opportunities"; she noted "technical glitches" in the first volume, and the lack of bishōnen and bishōjo designs, which she thought the manga needed.
Fyfield Down On the west side of the down () is a recumbent sarsen stone with grooved markings. It is thought to be a prehistoric grinding bench for shaping, whetting, and polishing stone axe-heads, and is similar to other Neolithic and Bronze Age examples in France.
The Apartments Reviewing the evening visits… for the NME, critic Jane Wilkes wrote "after whetting our appetites with last year's classic import single 'All You Wanted' The Apartments have stunned us to a reverential silence. This album is a pure heart-wrencher, and should only be listened to after dark."
Alan Dundes Dundes was also a great supporter of the New Student Orientation Program at UC Berkeley (CalSO). He frequently gave the opening address during summer orientation programs, whetting students' appetites about the type of instruction they might receive at the University. These addresses were littered with jokes and stories which were a trademark of Dundes' lectures in his popular anthropology class and were a favorite of both in-coming students and the orientation staff alike.