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WGYA WGYA (1590 AM) is a radio station licensed to serve Guayama, Puerto Rico. The station is part of the WAPA Radio News Network and is owned and operated by NotiRadio Broadcasting, the owners of WAPA 680 AM in San Juan/Arecibo, WISO 1260 AM in Ponce/Mayaguez/Aguadilla and WVOZ 1580 AM in Morovis. It airs a Spanish-language News/Talk format.
WAPA (AM) WAPA's programming is also heard on WISO 1260 kHz Ponce, WVOZ 1580 kHz Morovis-Vega Baja-Manati and WGYA 1590 kHz Guayama.
WMIA (AM) The WAPA Radio Network will consist of five radio stations across the island, WAPA 680 in San Juan, WMIA 1070 in Arecibo (if approved), WISO 1260 in Ponce, WGYA 1590 in Guayama and WVOZ 1580 in Morovis.
WAPA (AM) In 1996, NotiRadio Broadcasting acquires radio station WISO 1260 in Ponce from South Puerto Rico Broadcasting Corporation, this would become the second radio station of the WAPA Radio News Network. Un 2014, After 66 years of local operation, WXRF 1590 AM in Guayama, Puerto Rico finnally acquires from International Broadcasting Corporation to NotiRadio Broadcasting for $100,000, this become the third radio station of WAPA Radio. Then on March 24, the station changed its call letters to WGYA. On March 14, 2017, After a year off the air due to transmitter problems, NotiRadio Broadcasting resumes operations WVOZ 1580 AM in Morovis-Manatí, rejoining the WAPA Radio News Network, since its establishment, 35 years ago in 1981. That station acquires from International Broadcasting Corporation for $150,000, this levaes WVOZ became silent fue to technical maitenance and financial reasons. in April 2016. The Network consists of 7 radio stations all across Puerto Rico. Starting on May 7, 2017, WAPA will cease operations on synchronized stations in WA2XPA Arecibo, WI2XSO Mayaguez and WI3XSO Aguadilla. On March 2, 2017, WAPA Radio is acquiring WMIA 1070 AM in Arecibo for over $250,000 and will become the new WAPA Radio News Network station. Also, WVOZ will changed its city of license from Morovis to Aguadilla, currently occupied by WI3XSO, which its license is cancelled by May 7. Now, WAPA Radio will provide a network of five radio stations across the island.