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Griffin Poetry Prize Guest performer at awards ceremony: Jonathan Welstead, Poetry In Voice recitation champion
Compositions by Yehuda Yannay Three Visions of the Age, collaborative composition for digital synthesizers and instruments with Jon Welstead and Joel Thome (1985)
Richard Croker Richard Welstead Croker, Sr. (November 24, 1843 – April 29, 1922), known as "Boss Croker," was an Irish-American politician, a leader of New York City's Tammany Hall.
Tellicherry (1796 ship) "Tellicherry" was under the command of George Welstead when she left the Downs for Bengal on 13 April 1802. She returned a year later, mooring on 27 April 1803. She had stopped at Rio de Janeiro on 16 June and arrived at Calcutta on 18 October.
Peace–Athabasca Delta The Birch River flows into Lake Claire, the largest lake completely in Alberta, which is an important part of the delta. Other water bodies located in the delta are Baril Lake, Mamawi Lake, Hilda Lake, Otter Lake, French Lake, Pair Lakes, Welstead Lake, Four Forks Lake, Galoot Lake, Pushup Lake, Jemis Lake, Richardson Lake, Flett Lake, Blanche Lake and Limon Lake.
John Dawnay, 5th Viscount Downe Lord Downe was twice married. He married firstly a daughter of Major John Scott of Balconie. After her death in 1798 he married secondly Louisa Maria, daughter of George Welstead, of Apsley, Sussex, in 1815. There were no children from the two marriages. Downe died in February 1832, aged 67. The barony of Dawnay died with him while he was succeeded in the viscountcy by his younger brother, Reverend William Henry Dawnay.
Lancashire Fusiliers The 9th (Service) Battalion waded ashore in deep water and darkness at Suvla Bay on the night of 6/7 August 1915, as part of 34th Brigade of 11th (Northern) Division, and were pinned down on the beach losing their commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel H. M. Welstead, and a number of officers. Evacuated from Gallipoli in December 1915, it moved to Egypt and then transferred to France in July 1916 for service on the Western Front.
W. D. Childers On 7 June 2001, Childers replaced Tom Banjanin, who was considering a run against U.S. Representative Joe Scarborough, as commission chairman. He organized a voting bloc with commissioners Willie Junior and Mike Bass that was able to pass any motion over the opposition of Banjanin and Terry Smith. After six county leaders resigned between October '01 and February '02 – county administrator Tom Forrest, assistant administrator Bill Neron, acting administrator Gregg Welstead, county engineer Cindy Anderson, parks and recreation director Mark Thornton, and county attorney David Tucker – many blamed the exodus on Childers' brusque leadership style. It was during this same time frame that Childers, Junior and Bass pushed through two contentious land purchases that would lead to indictments and scandal.
Hugh Watt (British politician) Watt married Julia Welstead of Home Place, Whatlington, Sussex in 1880. She petitioned for divorce in May 1896 on the grounds of Watt's adultery and cruelty. In May 1901, Watt was named as co-respondent in a divorce action brought by Sir Reginald William Proctor-Beauchamp, 5th baronet, against his wife, Lady Violet Charlotte Julia Maria Proctor-Beauchamp, daughter of the 5th Earl of Roden. After Sir Reginald obtained his divorce, Watt's wife also obtained a divorce from Watt. In August 1905 Watt was arrested on a charge of attempting to procure the murder of his first wife. He was found guilty on 21 December 1905, and sentenced to five years' penal servitude. He served less than one year of his sentence and was released on 10 December 1906. Watt and Lady Violet Proctor-Beauchamp were married shortly after his release.