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Wellstead Estuary The sandbar across the mouth of the inlet only opens after heavy rain events and was once closed for over 20 years. The estuary is not eutrophic as a result of the prolific population of the seagrass Ruppia megacarpa and the low levels of nutrients that flow into the estuary.
Wellstead Estuary The estuary has length of and holds a volume of . The inlet covers a total surface area of with the central basin and barriers covering and salt marshes and tidal flats covering the remainder of the area.
Wellstead Estuary The inlet is shallow, less than in depth, and the salinity varies depending on the rate of evaporation and the amount of discharge from the Bremer River which flows into the inlet and on to the Southern Ocean. The estuary is wave dominated and functions primarily as a result of wave energy, both the estuary and the catchment are in a modified condition.
Wellstead Estuary Wellstead Estuary is an estuarine inlet in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.
Wellstead Estuary The town of Bremer Bay is located along the shoreline of the estuary.
Wellstead, Western Australia The name commemorates the Wellstead family who settled in the area in 1860 and had held grazing land between Cape Riche and Bremer Bay.
Wellstead, Western Australia John Wellstead still lived in the area in 1881 and sold 700 head of cattle via the market in Albany early the same year. He died in Albany in 1896 but his sons, including John Jr., continued the family pastoral interests in the area.
Wellstead, Western Australia Farmland was opened up in the area in the 1960s for cereal cropping and land was set aside for a townsite.The townsite was gazetted in 1965 shortly after establishing a telephone exchange.
Wellstead, Western Australia The surrounding areas produce wheat and other cereal crops. The town is a receival site for Cooperative Bulk Handling.
Wellstead, Western Australia Wellstead is a small rural town situated in Western Australia in the Great Southern region between Albany and Esperance.