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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for wellbeing

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Wellbeing (TV) Wellbeing was a British well-being and lifestyle channel broadcast under the joint venture of Granada TV and the Boots Pharmacy chain. The channel was launched on 14 March 2001 and closed on 31 December 2001 after nine months of run time. It was replaced by ITV Select, on ITV Digital, on 26 January 2002.
Health and wellbeing board Each board produces a joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) for its local authority area, replacing the JSNA formerly prepared by local authorities and Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), under Section 116 of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act (2007). A JSNA provides local policy-makers and commissioners with a profile of the health and wellbeing needs of the local population. The aim of the JSNA is to improve commissioning and reduce health inequalities by identifying current and future health trends within a local population. It is expected that the JSNA should be based on analysis of:
Wellbeing of Women The charity was established in 1964 by eminent obstetrician Professor Will Nixon, who was touched by the grief of a young man whose wife died during childbirth. It was originally called The Childbirth Research Centre. He gathered a group of illustrious founder members including Lord Brain, a neurologist who cared for Winston Churchill on his deathbed in 1965; Sir John Peel, the surgeon-gynaecologist to the Queen; Professor Dugald Baird and Sir George Pinker, an obstetrician who delivered nine royal babies including Princes William and Harry. The founders’ aim was to reduce the number of women and babies who died during pregnancy and childbirth.
Wellbeing of Women The charity also funded crucial research into epidurals which means that millions of women now benefit from a relatively pain-free birth.
Wellbeing of Women Research projects they funded created the ground rules that mean many thousands of women have safe laser treatment to treat cervical cancer. They also enabled breakthroughs into monitoring babies in the womb. One early pieces of research into the diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome in pregnant women helped make the amniocentesis test more accurate. The charity also discovered a link between smoking and pre-eclampsia and babies being born underweight.
Wellbeing of Women In December 2011, in the run-up to the 2012 Summer Olympics in Stratford, London, Clara Maidment shot a charity calendar in aid of Wellbeing of Women. Twelve British female sporting celebrities who posed in the lingerie of Nichole de Carle, wearing jewellery by Salima Hughes and Coster Diamonds.
Wellbeing of Women Wellbeing of Women is the beneficiary charity of the Inspirational Women of the Year Awards, which are run in association with the Daily Mail, and in 2012 were sponsored by Sanctuary Spa.
Homeland Human's Wellbeing Party In 2008, the party's president registered itself to participate in the Permatang Pauh by-election, but only managed to catch 92 votes in the election and losing his RM 15,000 deposit in the process. Nevertheless, he hoped that the election could serve as a platform to introduce the party to the nation.
Homeland Human's Wellbeing Party On 13 December 2010, AKIM announced that Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has joined its ranks as a party member, with the view of having Zaid lead and revamp AKIM into a viable political party for the coming 13th Malaysian General Elections. The party further explained that Zaid had submitted his membership application to join AKIM in Nov 2010 after his former party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), accepted Zaid's resignation.
Canadian Index of Wellbeing This domain measures activity in the broad area of leisure and culture. It involves all forms of human expression, especially in the areas of arts and leisure and recreational activities and evaluates participation in these areas, including attention to physically active leisure, and volunteering for recreation and culture organisations. This domain also highlights patterns in vacation time, visits to national parks, and the amount of money allocated by households for culture and recreation activities.