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Zhang Weiying Zhang Weiying is the Sinar Mas Chair Professor of Economics at National School of Development.
Zhang Weiying Zhang Weiying graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1982, and a master's degree in 1984, from Northwest University (China). He received his M. Phil. in economics in 1992 and D. Phil. in economics from Oxford University. His D. Phil. supervisors were James Mirrlees (1996 Nobel Laureate) and Donald Hay. Between 1984 and 1990, he was a research fellow of the Economic System Reform Institute of China under the State Commission of Restructuring Economic System. During this period, he was heavily involved in economic reform policy making in China. He was the first Chinese economist who proposed the “dual-track price system reform” (in 1984). He was also known for his contributions to macro-control policy debating, ownership reform debating, and entrepreneurship studies. After he graduated from Oxford, he co-founded China Center for Economic Research (CCER), Peking University in 1994, and worked with the Center first as an associate professor and then as a professor until August, 1997. He then moved to Guanghua School of Management in September, 1997. He was removed as Dean from the Guanghua School of Management in 2010; the removal was attributed to his radical views, which distracted him from the responsibilities of being a dean, according to one teacher at the school.
Zhang Weiying Zhang Weiying (; born 1959) is a prominent Chinese economist and was head of the Guanghua School of Management at Beijing University. He is known for his advocacy of free markets and his ideas have been influenced by the Austrian School.
Wu Weiying Wu Weiying (born 19 January 1969) is a Chinese footballer who played as a forward for the China women's national football team. She was part of the team at the inaugural 1991 FIFA Women's World Cup. At the club level, she played for Guangdong in China.
TEEC Angel Fund In addition to the three founders, TEEC Angel Fund’s general partners also include Weiying Ding, Jinling Wang, Richard Liu, Xuhui Shao, Biao He and Wenxiang Ma, Hong Ge.
YG Entertainment Sixteen years after the group's disbandment, first-generation K-pop boy band Sechs Kies signed a contract with YG in May 2016 to relaunch their career. In the same month, Chinese technology enterprises Tencent and Weiying Technology announced an investment of in YG. Weiying took a 8.2% stake in the company and Tencent a 4.5% stake. YG later added Lee Jong-suk. Kang Dong-won, and Kim Hee-jung to their list of actors.
James Mirrlees His Ph.D. students have included eminent academics and policy makers like professor Franklin Allen, Sir Partha Dasgupta, professor Huw Dixon, professor Hyun-Song Shin, Lord Nicholas Stern, professor Anthony Venables, Sir John Vickers, and professor Zhang Weiying.
Guanghua School of Management It has consistently been regarded as one of the top business schools in China, often recognized for faculty research, academic teaching, and admission selectivity. Notable members of the faculty include celebrated economists Li Yining and Zhang Weiying. The school’s current dean is Hongbin Cai.
Deng Xiaoping In one of the most important cities in the Soviet zone, Ruijin, Deng took over as secretary of the Party Committee in the summer of 1931. In the winter of 1932, Deng went on to play the same position in the nearby district of Huichang. In 1933 he became director of the propaganda department of the Provincial Party Committee in Jiangxi. It was then that he married a young woman he had met in Shanghai named Jin Weiying.
Vista Group International In August 2016, Vista Group completed a transaction with movie ticket booking platform Beijing Weiying Technology (WePiao), establishing Vista China (previously a 100% subsidiary of Vista Group) as a joint venture company between the organisations. This investment from WePiao, and the extension of distribution rights from Vista Group to cover all of its existing software (Vista Cinema, Veezi, Movio, MACCS and Numero), positions Vista China favourably to increase its footprint in the rapidly expanding China film market.