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Xiong Weiping Xiong Weiping (, born 1956) is President of Chinalco, China’s largest diversified mining company.
Jiang Weiping Despite having written under a pen name, Jiang was soon located by authorities. He was detained in December 2000 on charges of revealing "state secrets". According to Jiang, his lawyer was also arrested one day after agreeing to represent him. On September 5, 2001, he was found guilty in a secret trial, and sentenced to eight years' imprisonment. The sentence was later reduced to six years by the Liaoning Province Higher People's Court.
Song Weiping Song was born in Sheng County, Shaoxing, Zhejiang province in 1958. 1982, he graduated from the Department of History, Hangzhou University (current Zhejiang University). 1982-1987, he taught in a party school. 1987, he went to Zhuhai, Guangdong, and worked in a computer company as a secretary.
Song Weiping In 1994, Song returned to Hangzhou, he founded Greentown China, a real estate company, with his wife Xia Yibo (夏一波). China Greentown is a leading real estate company in Zhejiang, Shanghai and Beijing. He also founded the football club, Hangzhou Greentown F.C.
Song Weiping According to Hurun Report's 2013 China Rich List, Song and his wife were ranked No. 212 in China with a net worth of US$1.22 billion.
Liu Weiping Liu Weiping (; born May 1953) is a Chinese politician, currently serving as Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He served as Governor of Gansu from 2010 to 2016, and prior to that, Vice-Governor of Qinghai Province and mayor of Nanchang.
Liu Weiping In July 2001 Liu Weiping was transferred to distant Qinghai province to become its Vice-Governor, then in May 2003, Liu was named secretary-general of the Qinghai party committee, reporting to then provincial party chief Zhao Leji; he was then elevated to Deputy Communist Party Secretary in August 2004. In December 2006 he was transferred again to the same position in neighbouring Gansu province. In July 2010 Liu was appointed Acting Governor of Gansu, and on 18 January 2011 he was elected Governor by the Gansu Provincial Congress. In January 2013 Liu was reelected Governor of Gansu.
Jiang Weiping In 1999, he began publishing a series of articles about the Communist Party corruption in the Hong Kong magazine "Frontline" (), including a report on Bo Xilai. He was arrested in December 2000 and sentenced to eight years in prison on charges of revealing state secrets, but was granted early release in 2006. After a period of house arrest, he emigrated to Canada in 2009.
Jiang Weiping Jiang is a graduate of the University of Liaoning, where he studied history. In the 1980s, he became a reporter for Xinhua News Agency. In 1984, he wrote his first story about official Bo Xilai, who was then a CCP official in a small town. In the early 1990s, Jiang became the Northeastern China bureau chief of the pro-Beijing Wen Wei Po newspaper in Hong Kong.
Jiang Weiping The sentence drew protest from journalist advocacy organizations around the world. Reporters Without Borders described Jiang as "a courageous and exemplary journalist who did not think twice about the dangers he was running when he denounced corruption at the highest levels in the Communist Party of China". The administration of George W. Bush also protested Jiang's detention and called for his release.