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Johan August Gripenstedt Johan August Gripenstedt was born in the Duchy of Holstein, then part of the German Confederation, where his parents lived at the time. His father Jakob Gripenstedt was a retired Swedish officer. His mother Helena Kristina (née Weinschenck) was the daughter of a German physician. The Gripenstedt family's earliest descendandt was a man named Hieronimus Berger, born in the Courland region of modern-day Latvia, who immigrated to Sweden and was ennobled with name Gripenstedt in 1691.
Werner Doppler In farming systems research, Werner Doppler combines the descriptive and comparative approach represented by Hans-Hartwig Ruthenberg, who explains the development process by analyzing the past, with quantitative methods in agriculture and economic research (e.g. Earl O. Heady, R.H. Day, and G. Weinschenck). As a result, quantitative, systems models for simulating future rural development are available which allow measuring the impact of future strategies in development projects and developing countries.
Werner Doppler As son of a farmer and wine producer Werner Doppler managed the family farm on his own for some years. After this he studied Agriculture and Economics at the universities of Hohenheim and Kiel in Germany. He did his PhD in Economics under the guidance of Günther Weinschenck in 1974 in the field of "Application of recursive linear mathematical models to analyze and predict regional development in the agricultural sector". He then joined the research team of Hans-Hartwig Ruthenberg as research scientist dealing with the development in the Tropics and Sub Tropics. In this period he spent research semesters at the University of Bradford/England and at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines. This period ended with the “Habilitation”, the German assessment for the qualification of a university professorship. From 1979 to 1981 he joined the University of Nairobi/ Kenya as Associate Professor until he got the position of Professor at the University of Hohenheim, Germany in the field of farm management in the tropics and sub tropics.