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zhihao    0.868444

yuqing    0.868436

jingwen    0.866800

xiaohong    0.863128

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Sui Weijie On 2 January 2014, Sui transferred to China League One side Chongqing Lifan. He became the first choice goalkeeper on the third matchday after Chongqing lost the first two matches of the season, helping the club to win a 27-match unbeaten run and promoted to Chinese Super League. Especially, Sui set a new China League One record for consecutive clean sheets with 796 minutes on 2 August 2014, beating the previous record of 732 minutes set by Yu Ziqian of Dalian Aerbin in the 2011 season. On 8 March 2015, Sui made his Super League debut in the season's first match which Chongqing Lifan lost to Beijing Guoan 3–0. On 24 May 2015, in a Super League match against Liaoning Whowin, he left his goal unguarded to take a water break after Chongqing Lifan conceded a free kick. Liaoning's Ding Haifeng took the free kick quickly and scored the equalizer as Sui was still drinking water next to the goal post. He was fined ¥50,000 by the club but kept his position as a main player. He played 28 league matches for the club in the 2015 season, as Chongqing Lifan secured to stay in the top flight for the next season. He became the second choice goalkeeper of the club after Deng Xiaofei joined Chongqing in 2016 season.
Jiang Weijie Jiang became a professional in 2005. He won his first title, the RICOH Xinxiu Cup, in 2008. Jiang ended Gu Li's six-year reign over the Mingren title, defeating Gu in the fifth and final game by resignation.
Sui Weijie Sui Weijie (; born 6 April 1983) is a Chinese football goalkeeper, who plays for Chongqing Lifan in the Chinese Super League.
Jiang Weijie (Reached the 16th LG Cup Final and defeated Lee Chang-ho 2-0 in the final held between 13-16 of February, 2012. Jiang won as early as the 15th, thereby taking the title earlier than expected of the Best of 3 series. Chinese Special Promotion rules apply to those who win international titles, or get 2 runners-titles in any of International titles.
Jiang Weijie Jiang Weijie (born 17 October 1991) is a Chinese professional Go player.
Sui Weijie Sui started his football career with Harbin Lange and transferred to China League Two club Sichuan Jinying in 2004. He moved to Hong Kong in 2005 and played for Happy Valley, Bulova Rangers and Fourway Rangers successively. Sui was involved in match-fixing scandal when he played for Fourway Rangers and invested by Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in 2010. He left Hong Kong without charge and joined China League Two club Fushun Hanking in 2011.
Sui Weijie Sui moved to China League One side Tianjin Songjiang in February 2012 after Fushun Hanking failed to promotion and dissolved. He was the key player of the club and set a new club record for consecutive clean sheets with 708 minutes in the 2012 season. Sui lost his position in the club after Pei Encai became the manager of Tianjin Songjiang in 2013. He was linked with League Two club Jiangxi Liansheng in July 2013; however, he was loaned to another League Two club Hebei Zhongji several days later. Sui played 12 matches for Hebei Zhongji, helping the club gain runners-up of the season and win promotion to China League One.
We Not Naughty Unfortunately, one of Weijie and Jianren's "inventions" falls into criminal hands. This made Weijie, Jianren, Mr CK, his wife and Jianren's mum to travel to Johor Bahru, where Weijie and Jianren are tasked to use the invention to carry S$1000000 (which are actually drugs) by a few of their former gang members. The invention was close to crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border when Mr CK took control. Soon the gang members fought with Weijie, Jianren, Mr CK and Jianren's mum. Jianren's mum asked both Weijie and Jianren to escape while she suffers from an injury. Weijie and Jianren encounters Mr CK's wife, who is about to give birth. While the two are trying to help her give birth, they realised on what they have done wrong towards their parents. Soon after Mr CK's wife gave birth to a healthy baby, Weijie and Jianren are asked to help the police out using their invention to capture the criminals. Once the criminals are captured, Mr CK, his wife and Jianren's mum are admitted to the hospital while Weijie and Jianren thanked her for saving their lives.
Guan Mucun Guan Mucun found herself studying under Shi Guangnan, and Li Weijie. She found a niche blending Western melodies with traditional Chinese fused to form a unique artistic style.
16th LG Cup The 16th LG Cup began on 13 June 2011 and concluded on 15 February 2012. Jiang Weijie won the title, defeating Lee Chang-ho in the final. 32 players from four different countries competed in the final knockout tournament: